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P.S. Yes, they're totally insane.


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Way to go, Mick - you never should have given them Brown Sugar .. .

IT NEVER ENDS: New York Times Columnist Now Wants Cancel Culture To Go After Classic Rock Songs

Pin på Rolling Stones




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Blazing Saddles FTW.: memes



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Of course, it's not about improving anyone's life . . .


The Graceless Fate of Famous Robert E. Lee Statue

Among the reasons that losing the Culture War is unthinkable is that leftists have no grace.

Following the Civil War, the USA was able to heal and unite because, aside from the carpetbagging, the South was treated with respect. If Lee did not understand Lincoln and Grant to be honorable men like himself, he might have fought a guerilla campaign to the last man before surrendering.

There aren’t many honorable men among leftists these days. For the moment, they have the upper hand politically. They are pressing their advantage to both humiliate and erase anyone they perceive as an opponent of their ideology.

This is what the absolute absence of grace looks like:

The statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee that drew violent protests to Charlottesville, Virginia, will be melted down and turned into a new piece of public art by an African American heritage center.

Nothing could be more obscenely ugly than modern public art.

Liberals shrieked in outrage that Donald Trump must be evil incarnate when he graciously said there were fine people on both sides of the issue regarding the Lee statue. They hold that there can only be one side: their own.

The city council decided how to dispose of the now-removed statue at the center of the Unite the Right rally in 2017 during a meeting that stretched into Tuesday morning, The Daily Progress reported.

The Jefferson School African American Heritage Center will get its hands on the statue. Its executive director Andrea Douglas says that what they are going to do with it will “be more reflective of our entire community’s social values.” By the “entire community,” she means herself and those who are in lockstep with her ideology. Everyone else is a racist to be erased.

Barks Andrea,

“We’re giving people opportunities to engage with our own narratives and our own histories.”

They do this by erasing American history.

It didn’t take long for leftists to shift the focus of their hate from Robert E. Lee to the Founding Fathers and Christopher Columbus. We can only imagine what will be done with the statues of great men that Black Lives Matter and Antifa spent 2020 toppling and defacing with the liberal establishment’s approval.



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