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From: RRBudDec-11 7:25 PM 
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This is completely obscene. That statue, along with others the Left hates, should be sent to some place where it can be displayed with honor, where people can come to see if if they wish to do so, and be maintained in perfect condition.

I'd suggest my property out in the desert, but don't think many people would understand.


From: ElDotardo DelphiPlus Member IconDec-12 12:15 PM 
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Preserve American history? The Left would wonder why anyone would, and the saddest part? They never will understand.


Purdue Prof Under Fire for Using Term ‘Wuhan Virus’ on Syllabus

“sparked upheaval in the class group chat”

What’s the problem? The virus came from Wuhan and people in liberal media used to call it the ‘Wuhan Virus’ until the left decided that was unacceptable.

The College Fix reports:

Purdue U. professor under fire for using ‘Wuhan virus’ on his syllabus


A professor of construction management at Purdue University is getting heat for using the term “Wuhan virus” in his course syllabus.

According to The Exponent, no one even noticed until halfway through the semester, and then it “sparked upheaval in the class group chat.”

A prefer-to-remain-anonymous student told the student paper the politically incorrect term for COVID-19 even stayed up on the course’s homepage for almost two weeks after someone brought it to Prof. Randy Rapp’s attention.

Though Rapp ultimately changed the syllabus’s wording, he said the term was just like any other malad
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From: ElDotardo DelphiPlus Member IconDec-12 12:18 PM 
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And this is why . . .


Rhode Island Schools Are Failing, Yet Progressive Coalition Wants To Spend $2.5 Billion On ‘Decarbonizing’ Education



From: RRBudDec-12 7:42 PM 
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I still call it the Wuhan virus. After all, COVID means "Chinese Origin Viral Infectious Disease."
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From: ElDotardo DelphiPlus Member IconDec-21 8:11 AM 
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No doubt we're both on the WOKE Red Guard's naughty list . . .





From: RRBudDec-21 3:02 PM 
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No doubt at all . . .

From: ElDotardo DelphiPlus Member IconDec-23 5:43 PM 
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From: ElDotardo DelphiPlus Member IconDec-26 10:45 AM 
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New York surrenders to the woke revolution

Why It's Right That the Theodore Roosevelt Statue Comes Down

I teared up a bit today as I passed the American Museum of Natural History, where an iconic statue of Teddy Roosevelt atop a horse had entranced New York children since 1940. Now only a scaffolding covered by tarp can be seen, as the “racist” statue is prepared for banishment to North Dakota. In the wake of the Black Lives Matter riots, the New York City Council voted unanimously to remove the statue, which depicts Roosevelt leading a Native American and an African. As descendent Theodore Roosevelt V helpfully explained, the statue is “problematic in its hierarchal depiction of its subjects.”

Perhaps Teddy is better off in North Dakota, since he’d be aghast at the cowardly state of his beloved New York. Roosevelt belonged to an America that relished bold, confident action. Today, the museum which celebrated Teddy as “the man in the arena” and placed statues of explorers Lewis and Clark and Daniel Boone atop its façade now demands vaccine passports from five-year-olds before they’re allowed to enter. An engraving on the museum’s front praises Teddy as “A great leader of the youth of America In energy and fortitude In the faith of our fathers In defense of the rights of the people.” Today, the youth of America can receive enforced vaccine experiments inside the museum, then proceed to the exhibits on Viruses and Vaccines, where they will be terrified into further submission.

Teddy isn’t the only legend who’s been hurled into oblivion by the New York City Council recently. Thomas Jefferson also isn’t good enough for the Council worthies, who disappeared his statue from their chamber, where it had stood for over a hundred years. The author of the Declaration of Independence was condemned as a pedophile slaveowner with no redeeming qualities, but I think the Council was uneasy having the Founding Father whose motto was “Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God” looking over their shoulder.

Tearing down statues is usually a signal that the revolution has begun. On July 9, 1776, Washington’s troops in New York City heard the Declaration of Independence read aloud for the first time, then stormed to the statue of King George III and pulled it down. Now with Jefferson and Roosevelt shoved off their pedestals, the revolution of the Woke, by the Woke, for the Woke has conquered New York.

The American Revolution brought life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but the Woke Revolution has brought New York to its knees. Formerly free citizens endure mandatory masking; unvaccinated people are fired from their jobs and denied entry into public life; small businesses go bankrupt from lethal regulation; and law-abiding citizens suffer violent attacks from criminals and madmen who roam the filthy streets with no legal consequences.

Teddy Roosevelt, from his perch atop his horse, saw what was coming: “The things that will destroy America are prosperity at any price, peace at any price, safety first instead of duty first and love of soft living and the get-rich-quick theory of life.” Goodbye, Teddy. I’ll miss you.




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