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From: cbp6604/17/15 4:37 AM 
To: All  (1 of 19) 

Anyone place an order in 2014 and still not received it?

Company is disgraceful, I placed an order Aug 2014, still didn't get it yet, was given numerous excuses why. Every time i look at the shipping status it moves 3 months further ahead, mind you, they took the funds for this order in 2014. I then asked could i cancel the order and get something else that was actually available and was told no. So how long is somebody suppose to wait? CBP needs to request the funds back from them for all unavailable products ordered and give it back to us so we can get what we need. Unacceptable.

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From: GreenGorilla (SiSePuede55)4/17/15 5:42 AM 
To: cbp660  (2 of 19) 
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What is in the order?  Which item is taking so long to get?


From: helmet91x4/17/15 7:22 AM 
To: GreenGorilla (SiSePuede55)  (3 of 19) 
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Probably those damn 6" boots with the zipper!!

From: BorderBob (BobBJR) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host4/17/15 8:35 AM 
To: cbp660 unread  (4 of 19) 
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I never got my steel toe boots or my blue scarf.  I wonder what became of that order.  My last shipping date was about a month after I retired.






From: cbp6604/18/15 4:36 AM 
To: GreenGorilla (SiSePuede55)  (5 of 19) 
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It was 2 pairs of boots. What gets me is that they wont cancel the order and let me select something that's actually available.

I see it as any other business, You don't make customers wait one year for something funds have already been taken for. Why did the gov use this company again. Poor quality of product and disgraceful customer service.


From: GreenGorilla (SiSePuede55)4/18/15 5:23 AM 
To: cbp660 unread  (6 of 19) 
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I've got 20 years in the Patrol dude and it has been the same company my entire career, they have just changed the name a few times, from R&R to Uniform Solutions to VF Solutions.  3 different names but the same crappy service and same crappy uniforms.  You are preaching to the choir. 


From: labob900344/18/15 1:43 PM 
To: All  (7 of 19) 
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I called VF about my 6" boots I ordered last Aug and they told me that the shipment was being held up by CBP. Really? CBP doesn't hold shipments for 6 months. It currently show I should receive them in June. WOW


From: cbp6604/18/15 2:37 PM 
To: labob90034  (8 of 19) 
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I had emailed them, told the same thing, before that i was told there was a strike on the west coast, now being told something different, it's all BS.

VFsolutions... NEWSFLASH!!!!!!!!!! let me cancel and order something you do have in stock, as you are STILL gonna get your money. Remember the saying..Customer IS ALWAYS RIGHT.


From: Steeljunky4/18/15 5:21 PM 
To: cbp660 unread  (9 of 19) 
 20418.9 in reply to 20418.8 
The customer's not always right if the company selling the product has a government enforced monopoly.

From: WhyoCBPo4/18/15 9:16 PM 
To: All  (10 of 19) 
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Me too. I'd almost forgotten about my boots.

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