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From: Steeljunky4/19/15 7:18 AM 
To: intendedimmigrant (compex1)  (13 of 19) 
 20418.13 in reply to 20418.11 

If your morale is low because of VF solutions then you might be just a little too sensitive. There are plenty of reasons why morale is low, having a crappy uniform vendor should be on the bottom of that list, if it's on the list at all. Sure, I'd rather them turn over the contract to some place like Galls or LA police gear where we could buy what we needed and have it shipped within a day or two and we could have an actual selection of gear we could buy as long as it met the requirements set by policy. Obviously that's not gonna happen so move on.

I'd rather focus in why the agency allows incompetent employees to be in the agency at all and even worse why they promote people who have no idea about our authority and how to foster a competent team who can operate fully under our authority at a true GS12 level. I'm concerned about sacrificing criminal enforcement measures to satisfy the trade and travel community. I'm concerned about having managers who don't understand criminal interdiction measures and stomp on guys who do. I'm concerned about corrupt and incompetent team members. I'm concerned about micromanagement. I'm concerned about being forced into dog and pony show type assignments while actual law enforcement work is ignored. I'm concerned about incompetent senior guys taking up valuable assignments, not because they want to learn that job and steer their port into a more efficient and effective direction, but because it affords them the ability to be lazy as crap.

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From: PatriotOffcr4/20/15 7:24 AM 
To: Steeljunky  (14 of 19) 
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"If leadership depends purely on seniority you are defeated before you start. You give a good leader very little and he will succeed; you give mediocrity a great deal and they will fail."

–General George Marshall


From: Rob_S_Pierre4/20/15 9:42 AM 
To: cbp660 unread  (15 of 19) 
 20418.15 in reply to 20418.1 

Didn't VF solutions get in trouble a couple of years ago for improperly sourcing their stuff? 


From: cbpo20074/22/15 7:58 AM 
To: labob90034  (16 of 19) 
 20418.16 in reply to 20418.7 

I made the same call about the 6" boots and got the same answer about CBP holding the shipment. I believe those are Danner boots. If they are they are made in the U.S and so they would also be shipped from the U.S so therefor CBP would have nothing to do with them since it would be a domestic shipment. something sounds funny


From: cbpo20074/22/15 8:00 AM 
To: Steeljunky  (17 of 19) 
 20418.17 in reply to 20418.13 

Steeljunky. Agree with everything you just said. well stated

  • Edited April 22, 2015 8:01 am  by  cbpo2007

From: intendedimmigrant (compex1)4/22/15 10:21 PM 
To: cbpo2007 unread  (18 of 19) 
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OFO needs a new uniform design. Our uniforms do not project a sharp, professional image.


From: Steeljunky4/23/15 2:39 PM 
To: intendedimmigrant (compex1) unread  (19 of 19) 
 20418.19 in reply to 20418.18 
It's less about the uniform than the person wearing it. Having said that, blousing the pants should be done for a reason and most CBPOs have no reason to do it. There are no requirements for how to blouse, either, so some guys come across looking clownish.
  • Edited April 23, 2015 2:41 pm  by  Steeljunky

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