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From: Rex (rcclark99) Posted by host9/23/12 9:53 PM 
To: mkh106  (35 of 815) 
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Yes Margit, I am sick of hospitals and of being poked and prodded but hopefully I'm headed toward daylight as I move forward.

Yes, I have three children and they are all very different. The two youngest seem to struggle through life with addictions and making one poor decision after another while the oldest daughter just seems to soar through life with the greatest of ease.



From: Rex (rcclark99) Posted by host9/26/12 10:08 PM 
To: mkh106  (36 of 815) 
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I had my checkup on Monday. They drew blood and had me fill out a questionaire about my health over the month since I've had surgery. The surgeon looked at my incisions (5) and said they had all healed nicely with no hernias.

He showed me the lab report on the tumor they removed and said he felt that there was only about a 5% chance of me having to deal with kidney cancer again in my lifetime.

I go back in three months for a ct scan of my kidneys and another checkup. After that I'm guessing it will increase to 6 months.

Now I just need to get ready for my colonoscopy on Friday which is always a good time but I'm still on the right side of the grass and I'm still sober.



From: Brian (BrianB125)9/26/12 10:31 PM 
To: Rex (rcclark99)  (37 of 815) 
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Sounds great Rex


From: Susan (swl755)9/27/12 1:12 AM 
To: Rex (rcclark99)  (38 of 815) 
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Wonderful, wonderful news, Rex! And battle scars to show your grandchildren!

Hope the colonoscopy goes well and it's the last medical thing you have to do for awhile.


From: marylouise509/27/12 2:12 AM 
To: Rex (rcclark99)  (39 of 815) 
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This sounds very good and  all the best for Friday Rex -- I feel you had a narrow escape and that you are now able to  get on with living your life.

From: mkh106 Posted by host9/27/12 10:12 AM 
To: Rex (rcclark99)  (40 of 815) 
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on the right side of the grass, sober and going for a good time on friday....yay!

gl;ad to hear it, Rex.


From: NCorbett39/27/12 4:09 PM 
To: Rex (rcclark99)  (41 of 815) 
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Now that is a piece of good news to start my day!  So glad, my friend. ((((Rex))))

From: Rex (rcclark99) Posted by host9/28/12 9:59 PM 
To: All  (42 of 815) 
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Probably much to the relief of all of you I am about finished writing about my physical condition because there will soon be very little to write about.

As I said earlier this week apparently I am 95% sure of dying from something other than kidney cancer. Today I had my fourth colonoscopy and for the first time ever had no polyps that needed removing, so it looks like it will be something other than colon cancer also. lol

I am enjoying an evening alone with absolutely nothing to do except watch my White Sox blow the lead they had until two days ago in the American League Central Division to the hated Detroit Tigers.

My friend Judy is baby-sitting for the weekend with two small grandchildren so maybe I'll do a little motorcycle maintenance tomorrow which of course will involve some riding. Past time for an oil change and a bath wouldn't hurt it either.

My wife of record is trying to cause a lot of problems within my own family about our separation but I know this happens.......I've been through it once before and am surprised at nothing. Mistruths, half truths and hearsay is being spread through my mother and siblings. I have said nothing bad about her and probably will not.

The cancer episode has strengthened my belief to live in the here and now and let all my tomorrows take care of themselves. I intend to get up clear headed each morning and go to bed sober each night. What happens in between will be the rest of my life.

I don't really know what to say about my sobriety anymore. I come here 3-4 times a day and read but other than that seldom think about it. It just seems so remote to me. I am of course aware that that could change at some point but it sure seems remote now.



From: marylouise509/29/12 3:27 AM 
To: Rex (rcclark99)  (43 of 815) 
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Good to hear you can now focus on something aside from health -- I was always glad of health updates from you but I know how tedious and  frustrating it is to be ill and  getting through the rigmarole of  medical appointments and procedures and results.

To  be able to get on with the business of living will be a relief and those storms and  conflicts will pass.

take care Rex, a big hug to you.

From: Brian (BrianB125)9/29/12 6:26 AM 
To: Rex (rcclark99)  (44 of 815) 
 3053.44 in reply to 3053.42 
All and all, sounds pretty good Rex, quite an adventure you've had, I know you're glad its over.  Enjoy the bike ride.


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