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From: U__2 DelphiPlus Member Icon7/8/21 5:38 PM 
To: BerrySteph  (21 of 282) 
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Harold is a religious idiot that "interprets" things he believed as a child so he doesn't have to learn anything new. 

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From: U__2 DelphiPlus Member Icon7/8/21 5:40 PM 
To: RGoss99  (22 of 282) 
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LOL! You don't ignore anyone. You simply bloviate more end more. It never ends.


From: U__2 DelphiPlus Member Icon7/8/21 5:40 PM 
To: SquaddyB DelphiPlus Member Icon  (23 of 282) 
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He doesn't know what that means, apparently.


From: RGoss997/9/21 3:01 AM 
To: U__2 DelphiPlus Member Icon  (24 of 282) 
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¿ ¿ ¿


From: BerrySteph7/9/21 7:30 AM 
To: RGoss99  (25 of 282) 
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Squaddy, to me, seems to be a racist British immigrant in America, who seems unable to articulate a consistant philosophy beyond that of his Irish and American racist background.

Very true. This Forum was once full of incitement to terrrorism against the British. Didn't really fall off much after 911 (I say that - I'm actually thinking of a defunct system but you know what I mean).

While I agree that some of his posts suggests he might be a zionist, I doubt if that is the case.

A very lazy Zionist perhaps. 

Basicly he is too C.S. to take, spell out, and follow a consistant racist line, thus too cowardly to actually identify himself.



From: SquaddyB DelphiPlus Member Icon7/9/21 7:54 AM 
To: BerrySteph  (26 of 282) 
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Since day one when I took over this "faram" from its previous owner, the fight was against supporters of terrorism. However, the forum has always been one where people can express their thoughts unhindered, an alien concept to you I know, hence the opposition was not gagged!


From: SquaddyB DelphiPlus Member Icon7/9/21 7:56 AM 
To: U__2 DelphiPlus Member Icon  (27 of 282) 
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His entertainment value wains.

Interesting how he has latched on to Stephanie ( BerrySteph.)


From: BerrySteph7/9/21 8:00 AM 
To: SquaddyB DelphiPlus Member Icon  (28 of 282) 
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Define Zionist, as you think the word pertains to me, with a clear and concise explanation!

You're a muttha-fukka - you have to be real sick to believe (with no evidence whatsoever) the word of people who murdered 34 American sailors, stole a US Navy picture and then passed the picture off as taken by their own gun-camera!

This picture was, you will note, not just stolen from the US Navy, but heavily and deliberately photo-shopped air-brushed (by the IDF itself) in order to fraudulently pass it off as a "gun-camera" picture.

There is absolutely no way that this misuse could have been an accident, it was deliberate fraud.

The IDF now states "Jay Cristol's book was checked by our archive experts and they say that apart from one photo, taken by the late David Rabinger (a photo of Moshe Dayan in Gush Etzion), all other photos were taken by a photographer of the American Navy." See

This disowning actually took place in 2005, with the letter from the IDF displayed openly by its famous recipient since 2009.


From: BerrySteph7/9/21 8:01 AM 
To: U__2 DelphiPlus Member Icon  (29 of 282) 
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Harold is a religious idiot that "interprets" things he believed as a child so he doesn't have to learn anything new. 

I just noticed his racism was unpleasant. I think he probably abuses women though I'm not sure.


From: BerrySteph7/9/21 8:06 AM 
To: SquaddyB DelphiPlus Member Icon  (30 of 282) 
 39429.30 in reply to 39429.26 

Since day one when I took over this "faram" from its previous owner, the fight was against supporters of terrorism.

Your friend Pattagirl was boasting of her friendship with this guy, serving with the Marines in Iraq:

23 May 05 - Tonight's mission was postponed until tomorrow night. We have some good intel on a dozen or so bad guys in two neighboring towns that The Justice League is going to take down. Our informants were late showing up, so our intel guys opted to delay a day to further develop the intel.

... 26 May 2005 ... plan was to hit three houses WAY out in the country ... Iraqis are terrible drivers. ... annoyed that we wouldn't give them all our water. ... they started playing with their guns. The best place to watch Iraqis play with their rifles when waiting for a convoy to leave is inside an armored humvee that has been backed away from these idiots ... I stood up to watch these knuckleheads go nuts ... firing up the fields on both sides of the dike, and some guys were even firing straight up in the air for good measure ... While we were assuring them that we were not, in fact, under attack, the Iraqis ran out of ammo, whereupon they promptly sat down to smoke.

6 months later comes this entry - can you see the huge difference this brave missionary of western ways has done to the Iraqis in his charge?

10th September 2005 - Kalsu, Iraq ... SWAT had interrogated their prisoners in a regrettably unsupervised and more traditional manner which although brutal, had produced a list of names and locations of the insurgents responsible for attacking SWAT. Based on my limited knowledge of Iraqi interrogation methods, I doubted the believability of the information. I would probably dime out the Pope and many of the Saints if they were doing to me what I thought they had done.

... I could see the prisoners trussed on the ground, a spectacle for the Iraqis. This was stuff more familiar to them. I really did not want to go on this mission. It promised to be very long, very vengeful. Given the mood of the Iraqis, there was going to be plenty of violence. I was not wrong.

... Iraqis began shooting. They shot everything: cars, buildings, trees, the canal. ... the lead elements began burning the cars at the houses, the rear elements' soldiers charged into the houses at the tree line, returning with lines of Iraqis for questioning. ... The morning wore on the same way. ... The process was repeated for many kilometers along the road.

... I counted nearly two dozen pillars of smoke as we drove away, and sighed as I thought about how much had just been undone.

Does anyone still doubt that the Iraq War was genocide?

Remarkably few US servicemen ever came forwards to tell us what a good job they were doing in Iraq and how satisfying it was.


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