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From: Keltos9/16/21 6:33 PM 
To: RGoss99  (261 of 282) 
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He seems to agree with you that the US is on the right course with Biden. Meddly appears to agree as well, but with some reservations.

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From: Goanam9/17/21 12:29 AM 
To: Keltos  (262 of 282) 
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You mean to say Biden is a course correction act? ..well I feel to agree.... but then it will be like America is no longer a super power anymore? Under Biden isn't it?


From: RGoss999/17/21 6:28 AM 
To: U__2 (Ute2)  (263 of 282) 
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Yes, acknowledging that a message has opened, is a voluntary response on my part, it is not an answer, a difference you seem to be unaware of.

I respond out of politeness, but only answer when the message has some significance. in this case to remind you of your insignificanse.

for example what does your post have to do with "state interference" a subject I am interested in, not your trolls.



From: Keltos9/17/21 7:02 AM 
To: Goanam  (264 of 282) 
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I don't know if there is a true superpower in the world at present.


From: Worlds apart, hearts broken in two, two, (MEDDLY)9/17/21 7:15 AM 
To: Keltos  (265 of 282) 
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From: SquaddyB DelphiPlus Member Icon9/17/21 9:09 AM 
To: Worlds apart, hearts broken in two, two, (MEDDLY)  (266 of 282) 
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Pretty much so.


From: SquaddyB DelphiPlus Member Icon9/17/21 9:15 AM 
To: BerrySteph  (267 of 282) 
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Funny enough, Stephers, I am still in support of a form of no cost insurance for the masses, just NOT the "free for all" kind endured in the U.K.

You're saving my posts from five years ago, I don't know should I be flattered or concerned?


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From: Keltos9/17/21 9:41 AM 
To: Worlds apart, hearts broken in two, two, (MEDDLY)  (268 of 282) 
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They probably meet the definition.


From: SquaddyB DelphiPlus Member Icon9/17/21 9:59 AM 
To: Keltos  (269 of 282) 
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It seems that every few months, I read something about Amazon venturing into this or that?  I think the latest was their own branded supermarkets?

A long time ago I read that it had been predicted that, in the future, their will be only a handful of companies running every business out there.   I wonder if that prediction is coming to fruition?

Wal-Mart / Toys - R - Us / Home Depot, etc., started the killing fields for the mom and pop store.  Amazon is in the course of totally annihilating them. ( The mom and pop store owners can, of course, close the brick and mortar entity and sell their wares on Amazon, right? :>) )


From: Keltos9/17/21 10:09 AM 
To: SquaddyB DelphiPlus Member Icon  (270 of 282) 
 39429.270 in reply to 39429.269 

Walmart is in the supermarket biz. Is Amazon trying to get in on it too? It seems like they are starting to overreach a little.

I've noticed that all Amazon delivery vehicles are rapidly all appearing in the Amazon brand. Didn't they used to subcontract a lot of their delivery services out. Looks like they want to control that entire part of the operation too.


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