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From: Suzie (TNSuzie) DelphiPlus Member Icon5/15/08 11:17 PM 
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Police release one new detail in slaying

Irina Yarmolenko went to a Goodwill store on day her body was found

Staff Reports - May 15, 2008

In the two-hour period before her body was found on May 5, Irina Yarmolenko made a stop at a Goodwill store.

The detail -- released Wednesday by police -- is an additional piece in the puzzle of Yarmolenko's killing.

The 20-year-old UNC Charlotte student was found in the Water's Edge community, near the Stowe Family YMCA in Mount Holly, authorities said. Police said she died from asphyxiation, but wouldn't say whether she was strangled or smothered.

Police haven't released a suspect's name or a motive, but Mount Holly Police Chief David Belk said both front doors of Yarmolenko's blue Saturn sedan were open when her body was spotted by a woman riding a personal watercraft.

Authorities said Yarmolenko didn't appear to have a reason to drive to Mount Holly that Monday.

"Someone caused her death. Whether they drove that vehicle down there, I can't tell you that," Belk said. "Whether they pulled her out of the vehicle, I can't tell you that either, simply because I do not know."

Anyone with information should call Mount Holly Police at 704-827-4343

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From: Suzie (TNSuzie) DelphiPlus Member Icon5/15/08 11:19 PM 
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Reward offered in UNCC slaying

DEBORAH HIRSCH - May 15, 2008

UNC Charlotte announced Thursday that it will offer a $10,000 reward for information that will help officers investigate the death of student Irina "Ira" Yarmolenko.

The 20-year-old sophomore from Chapel Hill was found dead next to her car on the banks of the Catawba River in Gaston County on May 5.

A couple riding personal watercraft discovered her only about two hours after police say she had last been seen leaving a university area coffee store where she worked and often hung out. Mount Holly spokeswoman Leslie Shiel said the police department may release surveillance video of Yarmolenko on Friday.

The reward will come from Chancellor Philip Dubois' discretionary fund in the UNC Charlotte Foundation. That's private money, not state funds or tuition.

"The entire University community is stunned by this senseless tragedy and once again we want to offer our sincere condolences to the Yarmolenko family," Dubois said in a news release. "We are trying to do everything we can to bring this case to a resolution."


From: Suzie (TNSuzie) DelphiPlus Member Icon5/15/08 11:21 PM 
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Irina Yarmolenko

Irina Yarmolenko, 20, a UNCC student found dead May 5 next to her car on the banks of the Catawba.


From: saraanna25/15/08 11:36 PM 
To: Suzie (TNSuzie) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (4 of 39) 
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Thanks for posting, Suzie.  This site is very close to my NC neighborhood.  Don't know how I missed it.  Doesn't sound like it was an acquaintance.

  • Edited 5/15/2008 11:37 pm ET by saraanna2

From: Suzie (TNSuzie) DelphiPlus Member Icon5/15/08 11:41 PM 
To: saraanna2  (5 of 39) 
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<Doesn't sound like it was an acquaintance>

I watched this on Greta the other night (she was at the scene).  It looks as though LE has a lot on their hands, in investigating this case.


From: saraanna25/16/08 8:27 AM 
To: Suzie (TNSuzie) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (6 of 39) 
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It was on Greta?  I'll try to find a transcript.


From: saraanna25/16/08 10:58 AM 
To: Suzie (TNSuzie) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (7 of 39) 
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Woman's death
haunts couple

Man, girlfriend recall finding UNCC student's body



ROBERT LAHSER/ Staff Photographer

5/014/08 - Brenda Pierce and Dennis Lovelace visit the spot where they found Irina Yarmolenko's body.

Irina Yarmolenko

A wrecked car in a lonely spot by the Catawba River; a young woman's lifeless body on the ground; signs of a possible struggle nearby.

Images of the mystery still float in the minds of Dennis Lovelace and his girlfriend Brenda Pierce.

The Belmont couple are constantly reviewing details from the grim discovery they made around 12:50 p.m. on May 5.

A body they found on the river banks in Mount Holly behind the Stowe Family YMCA was identified as 20-year-old UNCC student Irina "Ira" Yarmolenko.

Police said she died of asphyxiation and are treating the case as a homicide. But they haven't revealed whether she'd been strangled or smothered. They've named no suspects and have identified no motive.

Meanwhile, as Lovelace and Pierce learned more about Yarmolenko, they began to think of her almost like a family member. They've returned to the site where they found her body. What they saw there on May 5 continues to haunt them.

Yarmolenko was last seen leaving a university area coffee shop about 11 a.m. Less than two hours later her body was discovered in Gaston County, about 30 miles from her school.

"We wish we could have helped her," said Pierce, 38. "She's become totally our friend."

Pierce is a textile employee and Lovelace a truck driver. On May 5, they were both off and decided to try out their personal watercraft for the first time this season.

Around 12:30 p.m. the couple packed a picnic lunch and hit the river.

They headed north, zipping under the Interstate 85 bridge toward Mountain Island.

Describing themselves as "river rats," Pierce and Lovelace roam up and down the Catawba whenever they find time.

"I've been on that river since I was a child," said Lovelace, 53. "It brings me peace of mind."

They've seen an eagle dive into the Catawba and fly away with a fish; they've seen deer swimming bank to bank and a beaver that looked almost as big as a Labrador retriever.

Those sights inspired peaceful thoughts. But that sort of thing didn't happen on May 5.

Lovelace first spotted the blue 4-door Saturn. The sedan was lodged on the river bank at the bottom of a steep, weed-covered embankment. He motioned to Pierce to slow down and follow him over to the bank. At first, he thought it was a stolen vehicle that had been pushed over the edge of a hill.

When the couple got within two feet of the bank Lovelace stood up on his water craft and saw a woman's body on the ground beside the car.

Pierce noticed the woman's eyes were wide open. And she can't forget how beams of sunlight flashed on the woman's face.

The car had plunged down an embankment and hit a stump just short of the water. The driver's door and the one behind it were open.

Lovelace noted the steepness of the terrain, the tangles of kudzu and vines, and thick woods flanking the site.

Something else caught his eye: within a 6-to-8 feet diameter around the body, tall grass had been trampled and matted. It appeared to Lovelace as the sign of a "humongous struggle."

"That girl fought for her life down on the banks of that river," he said.

Police have said the trampled grass didn't necessarily mean a struggle had taken place.

Lovelace and Pierce were at the scene only a few minutes before they split up and went to find help. She headed south to Dale's Boat Landing in Belmont; he sped toward a construction site upriver. Neither had a cell phone.

Pierce made the 911 call, but had to stay put at the boat landing in Belmont because her key to the water craft fell in the water.

Lovelace estimated he was gone for about six to eight minutes. He returned to the site and stayed there in his watercraft until rescuers arrived.

As information emerged about Yarmolenko's whereabouts before her body was found, Lovelace and Pierce realized the killer might have been scared away by the sound of their watercraft. It occurred to them that person might even have been hiding nearby when they arrived.

"The time framework put us closer and closer and then a little too close," Lovelace said. "I have an eerie feeling he (the killer) was close to us. It gives me cold chills."

He's convinced whoever killed Yarmolenko knew the area.

"You do not go into the woods in a Saturn and run into this place," Lovelace said. "The person or persons who did this has family or friends over here and they'd been here many times."

This weekend, Lovelace and Pierce planned to go back to the spot where they found Yarmolenko and put up a wreath and eight-foot wooden cross as memorials.

"It's our rest in peace for her and us," Pierce said. "We'll never forget her."

3B | Story inside

UNCC posts a $10,000 reward in Irina Yarmolenko case.

More Memorials

Another memorial for Yarmolenko will be held from 10:30 a.m. to noon on Saturday at the Chapel Hill High School Auditorium, just off Homestead Road in Chapel Hill.


From: astrallady DelphiPlus Member Icon5/16/08 2:07 PM 
To: saraanna2  (8 of 39) 
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I get lots of jealous rage from the killer. I think she knew them even if only slightly, maybe from a class. She never thought they would hurt her. Doing a good deed costed her, her life.



From: saraanna25/16/08 2:16 PM 
To: astrallady DelphiPlus Member Icon  (9 of 39) 
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The detail they released - that she had gone to a Goodwill Store the day she was killed....there is a large, newer Goodwill Store not too far from this area.  Perhaps someone saw her there and asked for a ride...however, I think they said both front and rear doors were open...maybe got in the car at the store - surprised her. 

From: Da Crone Mama of da Moon! (MamaLaiste) DelphiPlus Member Icon5/16/08 3:13 PM 
To: astrallady DelphiPlus Member Icon  (10 of 39) 
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For some reason, I keep getting a feeling of it being someone that saw her, or knew her from the coffee shop.

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