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From: MerlinsDadMay-16 10:06 PM 
To: Angie (AGWILDERMAN) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (2 of 21) 
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from Feiler's website

Hailed as one of the most original works of history in years, America’s Prophet reveals how generations of Americans have been inspired by the story of Moses.

The pilgrims quoted his story. Franklin and Jefferson proposed he appear on the U.S. seal. Washington and Lincoln were called his incarnations. The Statue of Liberty and Superman were molded in his image. Martin Luther King Jr. invoked him the night before he died. Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama cited him as inspiration. For four hundred years, one figure has inspired more Americans than any other. His name is Moses.

Traveling through touchstones in American history, bestselling author Bruce Feiler traces the biblical prophet’s influence from the Mayflower through today. Meticulously researched and highly readable, America’s Prophet is a thrilling, original work of history that will forever change how we view America, our faith, and our future.

Does indeed sound interesting.



From: Angie (AGWILDERMAN) DelphiPlus Member IconMay-16 10:15 PM 
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I'll let you know.

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From: MerlinsDadMay-17 6:54 AM 
To: Angie (AGWILDERMAN) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (4 of 21) 
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From: Angie (AGWILDERMAN) DelphiPlus Member IconMay-24 6:09 PM 
To: MerlinsDad  (5 of 21) 
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It is quite a book.  It's slow going because I stop and meditate on what I have just read.  There's a lot to it.


From: greenie225 DelphiPlus Member IconMay-24 8:26 PM 
To: Angie (AGWILDERMAN) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (6 of 21) 
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Probably over my head, but I admire the way you stop and think about what you're reading.  


From: Angie (AGWILDERMAN) DelphiPlus Member IconMay-24 8:28 PM 
To: greenie225 DelphiPlus Member Icon  (7 of 21) 
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There is a lot to think about in this book.


From: greenie225 DelphiPlus Member IconMay-24 8:39 PM 
To: Angie (AGWILDERMAN) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (8 of 21) 
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I should probably try to get into reading non-fiction books.  They're not all boring.  In fact, I have a book right here that I read in a college class in anthropology (I think).  I loved this book.

The Americans:  The Democratic Experience by Daniel J. Boorstin.  A textbook that grabbed me on the first page.  Wow.


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From: Angie (AGWILDERMAN) DelphiPlus Member IconMay-24 8:46 PM 
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I read mostly non-fiction.


From: MerlinsDadMay-27 9:59 PM 
To: Angie (AGWILDERMAN) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (10 of 21) 
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I look forward to your comments about it.


From: Angie (AGWILDERMAN) DelphiPlus Member IconJul-17 8:30 AM 
To: MerlinsDad  (11 of 21) 
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I'm half way thru this book.  I stalled.  It's probably me, not the book.


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