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From: Song~ (_Song_) DelphiPlus Member IconJun-9 9:34 PM 
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From: ABR2872 (Aurora2872)Jun-18 5:25 AM 
To: Linda (LoveToRead) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (65 of 68) 
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I wish I could go back to facebook.  However, I was informed that I was banned [forever, I guess], and my page, with my personal photos, mostly of my family, were gone along with everything else I had on there--my personal info, etc.  Bummer! :)

But, I guess I'll survive it all, lol.  At least it's freed up lots more time to go through my own 'personal library', that I amassed over the last 15 since my son died--I kept buying books[hardbacks, when I could get them], and buying bookcases, always with the idea that I'd be doing lots and lots of reading.  [You know, I think my pulse actually quickens whenever I think of that, and I even smile on the inside, if not on the outside--probably proof I'm a hopeless bibliophile[[I like that idea--I guess I should have been a librarian :D] 

But, unfortunately, I've spent way too much time, probably, on boards like Delphi's, crossing verbal 'swords' with those on the left, or doing endless research into what exactly has been going on with this govt. of ours, especially over the last 10 years.  It's extremely time consuming!  But, with my banishment from facebook, and my favorite political board[s] all closed down, it's given me all that time back.  Now, I find myself struggling to know which books to read first--a very pleasant quandary to find myself in. :)  


From: Linda (LoveToRead) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by hostJun-18 8:59 AM 
To: ABR2872 (Aurora2872)  (66 of 68) 
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I'm sorry you lost what you did at facebook's judgment!  I only post my book reviews, anything book related there.  I have a few pictures from years ago, but I also have copies, so if facebook ever shuts me down, I won't really lost much.

I'm much like you when it comes to reading.  I didn't want to be a libraruan ... I wanted to own a book store!  :-)  I can't think of a better way to spend my time than  to be around books....

Now, I find myself struggling to know which books to read first--a very pleasant quandary to find myself in. :)  

Such wonderful decisions to be made  :-)

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From: ABR2872 (Aurora2872)Jun-28 2:34 AM 
To: Linda (LoveToRead) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (67 of 68) 
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Well, I guess I never saw this type of situation coming, ever--so, I always thought everything on my facebook page was safe enough--fortunately, my husband is far more cautious than I was, so he has the copies of the pics on his computer--but, it was like a swift kick when I was suddenly forbidden to access my account, then I was permanently banned!  All because of my belief in that one particular kind of treatment for this viral ailment we've been dealing with now for over a year, works so needed to be used--I'm sure my political stance on things also didn't help much.

As for wanting my own library, instead of needing to travel to a public one, I'm glad you feel that way, too!  I love libraries, but most of the time, for some odd reason, getting those books back on time has always been one of the toughest things for me to achieve--I'm honestly never planning to keep the books--honest--but, that return date was always forgotten, overlooked or ignored, by me, and finally returning the books, and paying the fine, was one of the hardest things to do--embarrassing too!

That was the main reason behind why I kept joining Book of the Month/Literary Guild clubs all the time as a teen, much to my mother's consternation when she'd get the bills!  lol  Finally, she called up one of those book clubs and told them that they were selling membership[s] to a teen-ager under the age of 18, and if they didn't stop doing that, they were in trouble--my mom could be very serious about certain things! 

[She also gave me the same type of warning--so I just switched things up by sending away for a complete course in Russian, with my poor mom footing the bill for that, too!  To this day I remember the exact cost of that course, and I cringe thinking about how, that time, mom paid for it without ever mentioning it to me--I think she realized she was going to lose me to 'the great, big world' after I graduated, and she just didn't want to mention anything that might cause me to pull away from home--leave, yes, but just not out of a sense of rebellion and anger, so I would return--in peace, not in rancor] 

Right now, though, much to my poor husband's distress I'm sure, I've finally been able to amass enough books to last anyone a life time--including a complete course in French, as well as one in Russian, lol--and, thanks to my sis's generosity, the bookcases in which to house them all--so, now, I can browse to my heart's content and pick and chose from a pretty good variety of books, including used textbooks containing tons of classic literature--books I always wanted to read, but never had--the textbooks themselves set college kids back well over $100-$200 per book, but Thriftbooks.com sold them to me for $3.95 apiece, and the books are in remarkable condition, considering they were listed as being in "acceptable", or even just "good", condition--I feared the worst when I ordered the first few textbooks, but was shocked and thrilled when they turned out to be in such great condition!  

I figured that there was no way I could ever buy all of those great literary pieces as individual copies, even at just $3.95 a copy--but I could afford them all if I bought them in textbook form--the books themselves are heavy enough to break a wrist if not careful, but I treasure them--I even managed to find copies of commentaries on the Civil War in college textbook-form--3 of them out of a set of 4, so I'm still hoping to find it on thriftbook's website some day soon.  I love being surrounded by all of my books and feel so very blessed to now have that library I'd always dreamed of having! :) 


From: Linda (LoveToRead) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by hostJun-28 3:28 AM 
To: ABR2872 (Aurora2872) unread  (68 of 68) 
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My son absolutely loves Thriftbooks!  He's received some pretty nice books at a low cost .. but there have been a few that were awful. He really has a thing about writing in books .. or hi-lighting .. drives him crazy  :-)  So when he orders a book that is in good condition .. he expects it to be in good condition .. with NO writing in it. Can't say I blame him .. especially if they write in ink.

It's just been recently that I can read an actual book, so for the last few years, I've only been able to read with a kindle ..so that I can manage the font.  I still have hundreds of books that now I'm looking forward to reading.

Sounds like your mom was tickled to pay for books for you ... at least you weren't out and about causing mischief  :-)


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