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How can I keep my children safe?

Started 9/29/20 by lelekana; 267 views.

From: lelekana


I'm excited about the situation on the streets of the city. Recently, my children's classmate was attacked and took money and phone.  How can I keep my children safe?


From: Mandarinich


It's a terrible situation. I don't even know what I can advise....


From: ammarant


You can install a keylogger for android

With Hoverwatch Android Keylogger, you’ll always know where your kids are. See where they are on the map, watch who they call and text to, and discover what they are up to with Hoverwatch.

Running silently on your kids’ phone, Hoverwatch android keylogger is completely invisible. The tool tracks down their phone on the map, saves calls and SMS messages they send and receive, and talk back to you periodically. No matter where your kids are, if there is a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection available, you’ll know everything about your kids in real time!


From: lilla99


I also worry about my children

In reply toRe: msg 4

From: lilla99


So I decided to install this cell phone tracker  and now I have the opportunity to find out the location of my children, find out all the information from their phones and track their Internet activity

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From: Alpen25


If you have kids then I recommend you to get some pets. Children like cats and they will take care of them and learn how to feed them and just take responsibility. Also they might stay at home and not to go hanging out somewhere you don't want them to go. Also check this URL to learn more about cats and check if you no one of you got any allergic over them, its really important. Just read more about it and think about it.


From: Harissty


Children really enjoy pets, especially dogs. A common problem among dog owners is choosing a good feed brand that contains all necessary elements. From what I've found Royal Canin is a popular brand. You can try it by ordering from with free delivery and seeing how your dog responds to it. It's a very natural dog food that will improve your pet's fur condition and general health, so I recommend it.