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Dubai World Cup 2021   Handicapping

Started Mar-23 by Pedigreestar; 751 views.

From: Pedigreestar


Based on Names of The horses I have shrotlisted 8 places from the total 14 runners. Payout is for first 8 places. Names are very importatnt in horse racing. Many times when horses wins at the winning post within fraction of seconds it is not only the Luck factor but also strong powerful names which are harmonious to foal date chart as well as pedigree of race horses. Hence not considering all other factors and purely name charts basis I have given 8 names which have good chance to be in the money. 
1) Jesus Team 5 to 1
2) Salute The Soldier 6 to 1
3) Mystic Guide 9/4
4) Hypothetical 12 to 1
5) Military Law 5 to 1
6) Magny Cours 10 to 1
7) Gifts of Gold 33 to 1
8) Capezzano 25 to 1
These are the betting odds in the international market as of now.
Jesus Team has the Best Name chart. I have not taken into consideration any other factor.
Ravi Gowande

From: ChiefsCrown


Mystic Guide (5/2) drew Post 6, Jesus' Team (6/1) post 9, Sleepy Eyes Todd (14/1) post 10, Title Ready (33/1) post 4.

Military Law (5/1) post 5.

Searching for the rest of the post positions and pp's.


From: Pedigreestar


ubai World Cup Day Sheema Classic Group 1

Purely based on Pedigreestar system Name Charts probable winner should be from


2) Loves Only you

3) Berkshire Rocco

Loves Only You has the best Name chart.

Ravi Gowande


From: ChiefsCrown


In the Sheema Classic R8....i have a $2 tri/box going with Mogul, Channel Maker and Simsir.

Have a feeling Mishriff bounces in this edition after the huge Saudi win....jmo!


From: Pedigreestar


Mishriff is running in Sheema Classic bit surpricing for me they should have gone for the Dubai world Cup. Its Owners/Trainers call.

Ravi Gowande



From: Plus2lbs


Ist up is the Arabians..


#5 no doubt winner..

Nice Mile winner.

#11 Subjectivist 3/1

Easy winner...

#3 Khaadem 8/1 5mtp....


I only like one horse today..and she's not even running at this track..

So ima sit on my hands..till she runs.


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From: DogsUp


Be it what it it is, in betting a name, color of silks or horse, or lucky numbers, I rarely employ this divine opportunity. Even when believing in Jesus or the philly's name is my daughter's name spelled exactly, including middle name. Perhaps: throw these 2 exceptions in albeit. 

Accordingly, Capezzano as a nearly close Italian translation of the word is New Year, then perhaps a timely name in the skew of these things. And looking back at the last year and to the hopes of this year...I wish all my very best for a healthy and content New Year. (d)

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From: DogsUp


USA post time q12:40 and bets in about 12:15 pm to 12:20 just in case.

Many US horses running under the lights there.

I was at the NJ Med track the night undefeated Triple Crown winner lost first time that September under the lights.

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From: DogsUp


Not bad. M/L fav won wheeled Capazzano in tris. Cap was 50/1 ML.

The adage: Horses under night lights and even days wear a shadow roll; because they're afraid of their own shadow.

Just like horses are turf only; can't even stand up on dirt.

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I was sitting with some friends waiting for the Fla. Derby, and was amused listening to the talk about Mishriff. I was not able to get to the local OTB venue to bet on him, but had called a couple of them to tell them that he was the horse to bet in the Saudi race based on my analysis. They both got big wins, and were commended by other bettors for "having" him in that race. Fast forward to today, and folks were turning to them as the experts on all things Mishriff. I found it amusing.

This horse is at the top of his game right now, and showed tremendous versatility in his last two races to employ very different tactics. He was ridden as the best in the race today, and his wide trip into the stretch, almost cost him. Will they go to the Arc or the BC Classic with him if he stays on form?