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Midnight Castle Dialog   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started 4/22/18 by whitebutterfly54 (redbutter54); 122805 views.
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Han doesn’t doubt his friend’s generosity and knows visualizing the goal is paramount in any task.  Even though he is confident his gaze will soon fall upon the item, it proves elusive.  Finally, the item is within Han’s grasp and he’s glad he kept his mind sharp all these years.


“Our patience was rewarded.  The artifact part is yours.”  You are rewarded with the Wing of Distinction.

Torrum the Weapon Maker in the Valley of Fallen Giants is surprised by your visit.  “Cogs and gears!  You startled me!  Well, at least your sudden appearance is the most exciting thing that’s happened in a while.  I haven’t heard from Lucas since he left to deal with the Shadow Serpent.  Hammer and tongs, sometimes no news is worse than bad news!”

Seems Torrum and Lucas the Minotaur are old friends and Torrum is worried about Lucas.  Torrum is aware of the task to restore Shadow’s memory and views it as a good distraction while waiting for word from Lucas.  “One of my mechanical portals could teleport me to the artifact part you need.”

Readying the portal for action, Torrum knows the results can be unpredictable.  “I might turn up leagues away from my intended destination.  But that’s just how my portals work!”  Torrum’s first step into the unknown was a fiasco.  “I turned up in the dream world.  Not sure what happened.  Only the lucky escape the dream world.  I could search for all eternity and never find the exit.”  It appears when Torrum visited the dream world, the dreams corroded the portal, almost like rust, but Torrum managed to fix it. 

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Torrum’s second trip through the portal landed him in the tower of mages.  Feeling like such a failure, Torrum says “The dreams completely corroded one of the parts.  It’s an intricate part, but forging it is nothing for a dwarf!”  Refusing to turn back now and sure he’ll get to the right place this time, Torrum ends up in parallel world.  It’s similar to our world...with some differences.  Torrum found two copies of the artifact part in parallel world, but he needs to figure out which one came from our world.  “It’s a critical choice.  Just as we need the part for our world, they’ll need their part as well.”

And something happened that was a little strange, “You won’t believe this but...I met myself in the other world!  By my beard, it was the strangest thing I’ve ever seen!  The other me told me which artifact part to take.  He was quite helpful...and handsome, I might add!”  You are rewarded with the Pendant of Remembrance.

Lucas the Minotaur, back from his adventure, reappears at Grim Mansion.  Taking a minute to catch his breath, Lucas promises to send Torrum a message.  “Torrum had no reason to worry about me.  Why worry?  I’m strong, resilient and...somewhat educated.  What’s the worst that could’ve happened?”  Lucas managed to locate and subdue the Shadow Serpent; “He told me that his elder brother, the fire elemental, would avenge him!  I didn’t know shadow serpents could have fiery brothers.”

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Lucas knows Shadow’s curse is the most immediate threat, but researching the artifact part requires reading lots and lots of books;  “but there are no guarantees.  There are many books, and only one of me.”  The search begins by Lucas sorting the books, manuscripts and scrolls to speed up the search.  What a tedious job.  “I swear it’s easier to swing an axe all day than to rummage through so many generations of wisdom.  I could get a Master’s degree searching through all of this, but why would a minotaur need one?”

The ancient scrolls are old and crumbling and Lucas finds the ancient text difficult to translate.  “I know it looks like gibberish, but I’m sure I can decipher it.”  Finally, “Eureka!  I found a mention of the artifact in the ancient scrolls.  “The text is an ancient prophecy...and not the uplifting kind.  The prophecy mentions the artifact part we seek, as well as a grave threat.  The Shadow Serpent’s fiery elemental brother is guarding the artifact part in the mine at the heart of the mountain!”

The scroll goes on to say “elementals sleep deeply as long as they are not disturbed.  I’d rather not wake the brother of someone I just defeated.”

***END OF UPDATE (Lucas says “I’m always at your service, my friend, but I have much to consider right now.)

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***PERSONAL NOTE - As I explained in another thread, I lost my game while playing the October 4, 2021 Update.  Working on getting it back, or some semblance of it, but who knows how long that will take.  Beyond devastating.

In the meantime, an avid MC fan, MaryCricket, has provided me with all the dialog from the game so I could continue this thread.  

Just a reminder...this is the dialog straight from the game, just in more of a story-type format.  AEGram already provides the list of task requirements for each level, so no need to repeat that info.

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Lucas the Minotaur knows there’s only one choice with Shadow’s curse taking effect soon.  A second serpent, “why does it always have to be snakes?” guards the artifact part, but Lucas decides to risk it.  “If the serpent is asleep, it won’t notice if we take the artifact part.”  Lucas feared the awakening fire, but he has the artifact part.  “The serpent never noticed me.  For a moment, it looked like its eyes lit with fire, but it faded quickly, so there’s nothing to worry about...I hope.  The Gem of Total Recall completes the Recollection Crown, which goes to Shadow at Creepy Street.  “The Crown is bound to make Shadow remember who he really is!”

Professor Pinfeathers senses uncertainty looming, a presence tied to a recent visit deep inside the mountains.  The Chilling Belt is the only way to tame a raging fire in someone’s heart and Lucas is the only one who can find out what happened.

Currently very busy, Lucas admits sensing danger.  And he’s sure where it’s coming from.  “The mine I visited recently caved in.  What could’ve happened?”  He reports there’s been a colossal avalanche, “The mine’s currently buried under rubble.  Only something powerful can remove it.”  Lucas worked to clear the entrance to the mine only to find it empty.  That can mean only one thing.  “When I last visited the mine, it was guarded by a sleeping fire serpent, but it’s gone now.  I hope someone just moved it.”

A careful examination of the mine reveals the serpent has awakened.  “It was asleep when I left there, I swear it!  Let me see what the books in my library have to say about this.”  Unfortunately, Lucas’ books and scrolls held no answers, but he believes there’s some information in the parallel world and he knows just who to ask for help.

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“By my hammer and anvil, you’re back”, says Torrum the Weapon Maker, whose work never ends.  Torrum concludes things aren’t going well when he notices “you look paler than a toadstool!”  Torrum offers to share the dwarves’ secret way of calming down.  “Cogs and sprockets!  We’re missing ingredients!  You’ll have to help me find them.”  Torrum believes “you’re tougher than you look” and finally admits “Now you look like the mightiest of dwarves – besides me, of course.” 

“Well, snap my screws!  I knew Lucas’s strength would bring him no good.  Lucas is like a brother to me!  We can’t leave him in the lurch.  We must help our minotaur friend save the castle!”

Despite being more brawn than brain, Torrum knows exactly what to do.  “First, we need to send word to the mages’ coven about what happened.  They always seem to have answers.”  The mages’ language is difficult and Torrum can’t magically send a message to them.  Craftsmanship to the rescue since the mages can’t use their magic to sense our need.   “We need to design something to deliver our message to the mages.”

“Bless my gears!  I think we’ve built something great!”

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“Rusty crowbars, we’re running out of time!  Let’s launch our mail-o-copter!”  Torrum receives a reply from the mages and wishes he could have seen the look on their faces when they saw his invention.  “Well, hammer my thumb, our mail-o-copter is damaged!  I need to find a way to extract the message from it.”

With the mail-o-copter finally in working order again, Torrum recovers the message.  “Copper cogs, they wrote the reply in their language!  I’m no good with the language of mages.”  But ever perseverant, Torrum finds “The mages haven’t let us down.  The serpent was already awake in the parallel world, and they successfully dealt with it there.”

With the serpent taken care of, Torrum plans his trip.  Once his portal is set to the right wavelength, Torrum sets off for the parallel world, leaving behind his mail-o-copter to stay in touch.  “We’re saved!  I learned what can handle the heat of the flaming serpent – it’s the Chilling Belt.  It saved the parallel dimension.”

Lucas the Minotaur needs to reflect on the information about the Chilling Belt, but “It’s just as I thought.  The people in the parallel world already know how to deal with the serpent.”  Deciphering information about the belt is difficult work.  “Unfortunately, the ancient texts are written in an unknown language.  I’ll have to sift through countless documents to translate it.”  Lucas’ extensive knowledge isn’t helpful because the language is more complicated than even he anticipated.  “If memory serves – and minotaurs have excellent memories – there should be a dictionary to help us translate the ancient writing.”  Retrieving the dictionary from the depths of the castle library, Lucas finds “the text mentions the first part of the Chilling Belt that can help subdue the serpent.”

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It appears the location of the artifact part is nearby and Lucas begins reading the manuscript very carefully believing the text contains a well-hidden metaphor.  “This metaphor clearly means a labyrinth!  I’m going to visit the labyrinth and search for the belt part.”  Lucas found the artifact part, the Ice Gem, but the artifact is still too cold to hold for long.  “We’ve done it.  This is only a small part of what you’ll have to do, but you’re on the right track.”

Professor Pinfeathers is positive the castle will, once again, overcome the mortal peril confronting it.   “It’s still unclear if this entity is good or evil, but we can’t take any chances.  Go to the one most likely to have answers to our questions.”

Han, the Sage greets you subconsciously while he finishes meditating.  “I knew that this trouble would lead you here.  The Serpent’s awakening has created chaos in your mind.  Restrain it, and we’ll be able to proceed.”  Ready to “seek the help of someone with a clear mind and brave heart”, Han confides that grief consumes his mind.  “Not even my concerns over the Serpent can overshadow it.  The power of patience wanes with time.”  Sensing in his mind palace your capability of setting everything right again, Han says “Fate was generous in granting me a twin brother, although we walk two very different paths.  Everyone must follow their own path, and my brother chose the way of the warrior.  Unfortunately, we have drifted apart.”  

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Unwilling to believe his brother is gone, Han decides to enter into a trance to search for any connection to him.  Han senses life still flows through his brother, but can’t understand why he hasn’t visited in so long.  “Did you know that many twins have a special connection?  It’s true, and his mind is trying to tell me something.”  Han feels his brother’s anxiety and decides to send his astral body in search of his brother.  As his subconsciousness takes a faraway journey in search of its relative, Han feels his brother’s in a protected area.  Encountering some sort of barrier, Han needs help strengthening his astral body.  Once his astral projection breaks through the protective barrier,  Han reaches the soul that so closely resembles his own.  “Now I can see that your path leads to the settlement of harpies.”

Olympe, the Harpy greets any “friend of the sage.  My people’s hearts are always open to those that are chosen.”  Agreeing not to abandon our mutual friend, Olympe says “Han’s twin is important to our people.  He protects us from destruction.  We must prepare for the journey to find him.”  Flying to where the warrior twin should be will leave the settlement vulnerable, so Olympe asks for help to protect it.  “I have bad news.  The location the sage saw was empty.  But his twin was there.  His spirit still lingers in the air.  We can track the warrior’s lingering spirit, but only the oldest of the harpies knows how.  She’s an outcast who lives near our settlement, but no one knows exactly where.”  Harpies never completely vanish and would have died out long ago were it not for the elder harpy doing her best to hide from outsiders.

While the Harpy elder is the wisest of all, “she leaves behind very cryptic clues to her whereabouts.”  Unable to completely decipher the elder’s clues, Olympe has a possible lead.  “Our elder’s hint leads in four different directions, so I asked my people for help.  Harpies never refuse to help those close to them, but it requires payment.”  Olympe gave gifts to four harpies, who split up and went in the four cardinal directions.  Now “we need to wait for their return.”

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“The search has paid off.  Our elder understands our reason for seeking her.  The elder determined the warrior’s last location, so there’s hope.  We need to get ready for his arrival.  There’s no telling what state he’ll be in.”  Olympe would have liked to thank the elder, but she departed quickly without another word.  “The sage’s brother is alive, but he’s in bad shape.  Apparently, he’s been fighting to protect us from invaders.  He needs tending to.”  Olympe can’t tell the cause of his wounds, but they’re deep enough to put his life in danger.  To avoid infection, the wounds must be cleaned and Olympe is positive their remedies can handle it.  “He’s a skilled fighter.  I can’t imagine who could have done this kind of damage.”

Olympe did everything she could for Han’s twin brother and hopes he recovers quickly in the healer’s tent.  “I can’t believe our luck!  I’m told that our protector is awake and feeling much better.  We just need to give him what he needs to recover fully.  I’m happy the harpies could help.  I’m sure the brothers will contact each other soon.  The warrior has information about what you need.”

Han, the Sage owes his life to the harpies for reuniting his soul with that of his twin.  “You helped rescue the person most dear to me.  Now I can concentrate on our next problem.”  Hans’ brother helped him regain his spiritual powers and “it’s as if we share one soul.”  His twin told Han about a prophetic vision he had showing the location of a part of the Chilling Belt.  As the brothers joined minds and exchanged knowledge, Han realized something.  “The artifact we need is hidden deep in my subconsciousness.  A deep dive into my inner self will help me create something so powerful from nothing.”  It’s imperative for Han to concentrate because if he can’t make it materialize, the artifact may be lost forever.