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Immigration Reform   America - all of it

Started 1/22/21 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 9011 views.
Biden: Undocumented immigrants should get vaccine without ICE targeting them
President Biden said Friday that undocumented immigrants should be able to receive the COVID-19 vaccine without fear of being targeted by U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE).
Biden make the remark during an interview with Univision during his visit to a vaccination site in Texas.
"I want to make sure they are able to get vaccinated and so they're protected from COVID without the ICE or anyone interfering," Biden said. "They should... not be arrested for showing for being able to get a vaccination."
Biden also said he plans to make sure undocumented immigrants have food, noting that his $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief proposal increases funding for nutrition assistance.
The comments follow an announcement from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) earlier this month that said ICE was not conducting enforcement activities at or near COVID-19 vaccination sites.
"It is a moral and public health imperative to ensure that all individuals residing in the United States have access to the vaccine," the agency said in a statement at the time. "DHS is committed to ensuring that every individual who needs a vaccine can get one, regardless of their immigration status."
The Biden administration has emphasized widespread vaccination in an effort to rein in the COVID-19 outbreak.
The administration has particularly focused on increasing vaccinations among communities of color, which are getting the coronavirus shot at a much slower rate than white Americans.
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Biden admin will let migrant families separated under Trump reunite inside U.S.
WASHINGTON — The Biden administration's task force for reuniting migrant families separated by the Trump administration will allow separated families "the option of being reunified either in the United States or their county of origin," Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said on Monday.
Mayorkas called the separation of thousands of migrant families under the Trump administration "the most powerful and heartbreaking example of the cruelty that proceeded this administration," in a White House briefing.
Lawyers representing the families in a federal lawsuit had called on the Biden administration to make such a move to allow parents who were separated from their children and then deported without them to come back to the United States to reunify.
They argued that without special protections for those parents to come back to the United States, they are forced to choose between bringing their children back to dangerous conditions in their home counties or remaining separated.
Mayorkas also announced Michelle Brané as executive director of the task force, as NBC News previously reported. He said the task force will be working with non-governmental organizations as well as the countries of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.
Other benefits and protections the task force will give the separated families include transportation, healthcare and mental health services as well as legal, career and educational services, with no costs being passed down to families.
A DHS spokesperson said that the task force will also consider siblings of children separated for reunification.
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Personally, Jennifer, I'm for posting signs at the Mexican border warning people 'Trespassers will be shot'.

Apollonius (Theocritos) said:

Personally, Jennifer, I'm for posting signs at the Mexican border warning people 'Trespassers will be shot'.

That's because you're a murderous white supremacist thug. 

There would probably be a few deaths, but people would soon get the idea.  When they started to hear what happened to a couple of guys who tried to get through the border illegally, people would stop paying thousands of dollars to coyotes to (maybe) bring them up through Mexico and across the border.

In the end we'd have possibly half-a-dozen  people shot versus thousands who die of thirst, starvation, asphyxiation, mishap, and murder.

It's all very simple and straightforward.  But because you are a sentimentalist, I don't expect you to understand that.

Apollonius (Theocritos) said:

There would probably be a few deaths, but people would soon get the idea.


In the end we'd have possibly half-a-dozen  people shot 

What gives Canadian thugs like you the right to murder anybody in my country?