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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 441998 views.

From: JerseyDee



Hi Eve!  Just reading through your exchange with Susan.  Back to work tomorrow .. good luck.  From what I recall you work with some smokers .. I hope that is not too tempting on you.  Have something in hand like a pen to tap or something or the other in place I would think might be a good tactic.  Some sort of distraction.

So .. PA is opening back up if you're going back to work.  I think I heard your Gov is going to make some sort of announcement on 6/22 and I think Murphy here in NJ doing the same .. My hair is beyond imagination with how overgrown and lack of highlghts at root but is so on ends ..  I have given up trying to style it and just wear it pulled back in a bun .. fine if I was in lockdown .. but I have to got to work like this .. feel a real mess.

Looking forward to hair dresser opening, gym opening, and life starting to go back to normal.  I AM planning a trip down the shore in a few weeks, however, and I think that will make life feel more normal again and I can appreciate summer and life more than I have been for months now .. a chance to recharge and regroup ..

Will be weird being down there a non-smoker .. this will be my first time on a beach since childhood where i won't be laying out in the sun and smoking.  I would always smoke on beach.  Not a careless smoker though .. would always put my butts out in the sand then take all the butts with me when I packed up to leave and throw them away in trash can .. Never left a mess behind .. but i used to find laying on beach and smoking so relaxing .. now I find the idea pretty yucky ..

I suppose that means i have turned some sort of corner in this journey.  Smoking seems pretty silly now .. who in the world even thought of the idea of putting tobacco in paper and lighting the sucker up?  .. And all the other junk they add to it .. who was the mastermind behind this addictive crap? .. They deserve a thump on the head!

Are you looking forward to getting back to work?  Has staying home for so long been enough on you already?


From: SusanK1960



Hey Eve, I doubt not smoking is going to even test you tomorrow.  You will be so distracted with all the other challenges that going back to work with new rules will occupy your mind instead.

Hey Dee, how exciting to go back to the shore to release those smoking triggers and make new ones!  Relax and regroup as you say!  You may have some emotional challenges over the next month, so just ride it out, it is healing that is happening!

CC to JerseyDee

From: Eve1973



I think I will be fine, but will still have my gum n mints with me! I’m not too worried about it. Can’t worry about something that hasn’t happened yet. But will let you know! Thanx for the thoughts! 

CC to JerseyDee

From: JerseyDee


Thank you Susan.   Let the healing begin! ; ) 

And Eve, have a great first day back at work.  I am sure it will go just fine.  You are a non smoker now .. you will be great!

CC to Eve1973