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Travel restrictions   Discussions

Started 22-Oct by Harold27Z; 667 views.

From: Harold27Z


Suppose an ex-pat has a working visa for Saudi or Dubai etc which expires so he needs to return home.

How does that person fly out if he does NOT want the concoction containing the devil's DNA (aka Satan's sperm) ?

Suppose he has moral objections to purchasing a product soaked in the blood of abortion-tortured babies ?

He won't even be allowed near the airport without showing his jab-status.

Even if allowed out, he will not be allowed into his own country without the jabs plus boosters.

The bible says without the Mark of the Beast, people will not be allowed to buy or sell (eg food, drink and labour etc).

Oh, but of course that bible story is just a "CONSPIRACY THEORY".

  Luckily its not part of the "Great" Reset envisaged by Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum despite heavy-duty hints on his web site.

Michele (Conclave)

From: Michele (Conclave)


It's called "quarantine". 

He can fly out -- with negative Covid test and a mask. NO vaccine needed.

Doesn't want to play by those rules? Then he can charter a plane.

When he gets to his country of destination, he can sit his ass down for a 10-14 day quarantine.

Rules are what civilizations are run on. Don't want to play by the rules? You don't get to pick and choose. You stop at red lights, you don't carry a firearm in the cabin of a plane, you don't rape, steal, or cheat. You do those things, then you pay the consequences. Them's the rules, buddy.

Eliot (Elohimil)

From: Eliot (Elohimil)


As an old modernize Jew, I'm not that religious,

but you got it right on, because of the striking similarity! thumbsup

In Europe most moslems have an exceptional case not to get vaccinated and still may travel as they wish....



From: Harold27Z


I was unaware of that special muslime travel exemption privilege.  I only knew Hindus were allowed on motor-bikes with turbans replacing helmets.

 I cannot imagine how Britain survived for centuries without their alleged skill-sets.

Its despicable that people take the mental experimental jab KNOWING it contains tissues from abortion-tortured babies. That sustains the market.  

Excuse me, I feel compost-mentis and need tosleep for a few hours.

Well now we all know whom to trust and think to the consequences... 


From: Harold27Z


I trust you with my life.


From: AuntBetsie


You seem to like to be ENCLAVEDgrin