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Not getting items needed from HOS/ZZ's    Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started 11/18/19 by Werecatqueen; 642 views.

From: Werecatqueen


So decided to do a little questing on my baby game and three times I did not get the item that I needed from the HOS or zoom zone that I visited. The first time I thought it was simply a fluke but ow I'm beginning to think this might be a technical problem. Any tips?


From: SharpEye1


Try putting the items on your wish list.  I sometimes think when you put it on the list it starts dropping in the game.  But, that could just be my wishful thinking......maybe worth a try? Ada heart_eyes


From: AEGram


Only if you are entering an HOS or ZZ in relation to a character quest (not the side quests, but the character quests that advance you in the levels of the game) OR if you're entering for a regular Daily Quest will you get the item your desire.

In any other time, when just going there to try to get something, you will get some random item from that location......and it usually is NOT the item you desire.

This is not a technical's just how the game works.

Also.........during regular play (outside of the events, when the regular DQs are active).....IF you have activated a DQ and a character quest at the same time, you will get the item for which ever one you activated first. As an example.....IF you have first activated the Secret Delivery 10-part daily quest, the first part requires you to go to the Stone Chaps for 3x. To open Stone Chaps, you need a Symbol of Love (Winter/Summer Garden), Rune of Cruelty (Bar Counter), and Soul Harvest (Fire Fountain). 

Let's say, you then open a character quest that requires you to go to the Monkey.....IF you have NO of the Archistrategist's Ring (also from Fire Fountain) to open the Monkey....and IF you have no Soul Harvest to open the Stone will get a Soul Harvest for the first 3 visits to the Fire Fountain BEFORE you get the Archistrategist's Ring for the Monkey .....because you activated the DQ first, and it requires 3 of the Soul Harvest.