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New laptop.    Technical Issues

Started Dec-10 by Tennco (carlyMC); 776 views.
Tennco (carlyMC)

From: Tennco (carlyMC)


How do i get my game back.  I am back at starting game over,..  how do i contact support to see if they can restore my game on pc

You can contact Big Fish support here:

You'll need to give them the game id of your new game and your old game id, that way they can transfer your old game to your new one.  However, they won't be able to transfer your friends.  Make sure you answer every email they send you.

We are game friends so if you need my friend code just send me a PM and I'll send it to you.  

Dhyani (Dhyaniland)

From: Dhyani (Dhyaniland)


IF you made a backup of your MC 'progress' which lives in AppData\Roaming\Elephant Games\Midnight Castle . . . you can move your Castle, INTACT, yourself.  

Did you make a recent backup???

And your other coffee-dosed Laptop may not be as fried as you think.  

I sent you a PM yesterday.

XXOO ~ Dhyaniboom

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Tennco (carlyMC)

From: Tennco (carlyMC)


Got my game back on pc so just need to get my friends back now.  Whew!!!  Carly

Dhyani (Dhyaniland)

From: Dhyani (Dhyaniland)


WOW! This is the fastest I've EVER seen BF CS do it.

Hopefully, you have ALL your Coins, Diamonds, Inventory, Achievement, Avatars, Pets, Amulets, yadda yadda, intact, well, except your Friends, but you DO have time to Invite them again before the Christmas Event starts.

CONGRATS!!!  Still, gimme a call and I can walk you through backing up your Castle on PC.  

XXOO ~ Dhyaniboom


From: SamDee632


Hi! I made a backup copy in November following your instructions. Should have done it more recently but unfortunately I didn't. Now my pc is acting very weird and when I tried to make a more recent backup, I cannot find the AppData anywhere. I checked and the box checked show hidden files, etc. is there but I just can't make a new backup. Is there any way I can overwrite the Nov. 8 backup to a new one for today? I'm up to level 95 now and hate to lose anything.

Thanks in advance.