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Rant rant rant (aka the DQ blues)   Howling with the Hostess

Started Feb-5 by Theo (TheoMC); 1303 views.
Theo (TheoMC)

From: Theo (TheoMC)


Ok ... I thought it might have been just in my head so I started writing down ...

27.01  -  Secret Delivery / What's Going on?

28.01  -  What's Going On? / Another Potion

29.01  -  What's Going On? / Helping Hand

30.01  -  What's Going On? (not played)

31.01  -  Helping Hand / New Knowledge

01.02  -  What's Going On? / Helping Hand

02.02  -  Record Keeper / Another Potion

03.02  -  What's Going On? (not played)

04.02  -  What's Going On? / Helping Hand

05.02  -  What's Going On? / Inspiration

06.02  -  What's Going On?

So the (quite obvious) question is: What's going on with my DQs??? Ok, I could be stuck on a worse DQ, but still! If it goes on like this, I'll be out of airship items soon! I might as well get in touch with the devs during the weekend if the madness goes on! Grmbl grmbl grmbl!!

And just to twist the knife in the wound, Trina is asking for ZZs and ZZs and more ZZs (22 24 quests, 18 20 times ZZs)

Are you also having repetitive DQs? I know there aren't that many possibilities but ho hum!!

Ok ... back to the game ... am I going to play my DQ today?

ETA ... and some more ZZs for Trina ...

OMG I also have gotten What's Going On? almost everyday since the Christmas Event ended and a couple of days I've gotten it back to back.


From: mdpetdoc


When the devs introduced the random DQs, they also revamped the way DQs are offered to players.

The focus now appears to be on one or two ZZ openers. When the ZZ opener is used only in a couple of DQs, players will get the same one or two DQs repetitively until they have opened the ZZ a specified number of times or after almost 3 weeks if they skip the DQ or only complete it up to the specific ZZ opener.

There is also a higher percentage of random DQs when the ZZ opener is used to open ZZ that are not typically opened in DQs.

Playing the puzzles for inventory can provide an idea of what ZZ items will be needed for the next round of DQs but it is a bit complicated to explain doing this. 

Theo (TheoMC)

From: Theo (TheoMC)


Ok, you lost me I think joyjoy

I am playing puzzles to try and get back the items I need for Vampirella Trina but of course it is always the same ones (the Magic 6 + "some" more used in the castle area). Maybe I'll try to get some other ones. I have completed another ZZ quest and of course she wants ZZs! Again! rage And while I am fighting with the puzzle boy (who is a mean little kid), I am not playing scenes and not getting airship items! Grrr!!

Oh well, I hope that "specified number of times" is soon reached because 3 weeks of playing What's Going On every day .. eek!!


P.S. What is it you call "ZZ opener" ? The "go to" key on Trina's quest? I never use it but I shall try to!

P.P.S. The second place I am being sent to (after the iron chest) is ... the ghostly chest! Thanks but no no nooo!!


From: AEGram


Are you playing on a mobile device? If you are playing on a desktop PC......well, the following will not help you. But, if on laptop, Kindle/Android, or iPad....

Take your device to some other location shortly before the beginning of the new day. Be sure you're logged out of the game when you enter that location. Now, the location, for MC to work, of course must have free Internet, travel to a friend's house at least 5 miles from your home. Go to a library with a good enough connection for MC to load.....Starbucks is also a good place.....but, you get the idea.

Connect your device to that new Internet location and open the game shortly before the GMT day roll.....see if you get something different when the DQs change at for the new day.

OR....if that doesn't work.....try the next day, but load into the game AFTER the GMT day roll to see if that causes a "hiccup" in your DQ deliveries.

I found that when I was getting repetitive DQs, if I took my iPad to my daughter's house (23 miles from ours) when we visited each weekend that DQs seemed to load differently. Whether I was connecting to a different MC server, or some other seemed to shake up things enough to cause the DQs to be different.

No guarantee that logging into an Internet connection some place other than your house will work, but you have nothing to lose if it stays the same and everything to gain if it changes.

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Theo (TheoMC)

From: Theo (TheoMC)


Thanks AEGram!

I am playing on PC actually (and the new day is at 2am for me wink 5 miles is quite a distance when you are travelling on foot in the middle of the night with a PC on your shoulders! winkwink).

I am sure that information will be useful to other players though! thumbsupthumbsup


From: mdpetdoc


What's Going On doesn't have any zz to open so you need to look at the others to see what zz inventory items are targeted.

Helping Hand and Inspiration both send you to the Glass Painting which requires the Strangled Ruby and Iridescent Chain to open. The Strangled Ruby comes from the Iron Chest which is why you are sent there. The Iridescent Chime comes from the Doll Showcase which is why you are getting What's Going On. 

When I did puzzles earlier today, I had trouble winning items when the Blood Lotus or Executioner's Badge were among my prize choices which lets me know that Flower of Sufferings would be among the targeted zz for my next batch of DQs. 

Example - list was torch, royal stone, squirrel egg. I received 4 items immediately.

list was murderer's eye, rainbow stone, squirrel egg. I received coins the first time, coins and murderer's eye the second time. 

list was winged amulet, winged guard, squirrel egg. I received 4 items immediately.

list was forged key, blood lotus, squirrel egg. Tried twice and received only coins. Dumped the blood lotus and won't try for it again during this round of puzzles and probably for next 2 days.

list was rune stone, executioner's badge, squirrel egg. I received coins and rune stone.

list was shard of soul, executioner's badge, squirrel egg. I received coins and shard of soul. Dumped executioner's badge.

list was forged key, rainbow stone, squirrel egg. I received all 5 items. 

Since I don't have the Ghostly Chest yet, I can't give you information. Do you have side quests set up to supply specific items such as torches? If so which items are you set up to receive? 

Theo (TheoMC)

From: Theo (TheoMC)



I have to go to work now but I'll get back to you when I come back (or tomorrow!). After I have re-read and understood if I should play Helping Hand or Inspiration later on or disregard them that is wink

Thanks a lot for the time you spend trying to help me out, much appreciated!! heart_eyes

Theo (TheoMC)

From: Theo (TheoMC)


So here we go...

On Thursday, I finally decided to play WGO. Had then Helping Hand, that I also played, and then Birth of Goo, Lost Pages and Studying Luck, all played. I forgot to write down what the next one was but I ignored it as it was getting late!

On Friday, WGO again. I didn't play it and had a nice and relaxing day away from my castle! sunflower

Yesterday, got WGO, followed by Special Interest (oh! I was sooooo sure I would get Helping Hand!) and was too late to play ... Helping Hand!

And I am opening my game this morning and of course WGO is here.

So, it's the 14th day, I had WGO 12 times. Whether I play it or not, whether I play the next ones or not, nothing seems to matter. As I don't feel like it today, I won't write to the devs. Lets' see how far this can go! I am getting close to "almost 3 weeks" anyway! wink

Wow, your puzzle boy seems to be nicer than mine, I must have got the evil twin!! He refuses to give me diamonds usually. My average is 1 item per puzzle (I just checked and since I started taking notes, also 14 days ago, I played 276 puzzles and got 279 items, and diamonds 11 times). I am going for small items nowadays and playing cowardly/carefully/wisely (you choose! joy). Last time I tried to get an egg for a friend, I gave up after two weeks of constant losses (and won it on the wheel eventually grinning). I tried to be more aggressive these last few days and asked for bigger items (always different ones) and eggs, I got one winged guard (and hence diamonds once) and that's it. My last 20 puzzles: 40 wrong guesses. Got diamonds once but lost after that. I didn't include these last days in my stats relaxed. I think I got what you meant but don't seem to be successful whatever I try, so I shall go on playing for small items from now on, it is less frustrating wink

Oh, and I have stopped playing the side quests, they all want nasty ZZs. Maybe I'll start again soon, I am still undecided (but only need destiny keys for my friends and I still have some).

On a brighter note, Trina the Ogre has finally given me other quests than ZZs and had a nice mixture. Phew! I'll probably fall into a ZZs series soon but I am happy she gave me a nice little break with them! grinning

I've said it several times, this game hates me!! joyjoy But I am stubborn!! winkwink

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

Perhaps the game is trying to ask you something...


Panicked confusion - "What's going on?!!"

Sexy - "What's goin' onnnnn?"

Nervous suspicion - "Ok, what's going on here..."

Or perhaps it's just a general lament about the state of the world.

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