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Consortium Directory ~Seek Help/Donate    The Consortium

Started 2/14/20 by Debbie (Debbie1845); 70515 views.

From: SharpEye1


Hi Janet,

I sent you the invites.  Also, just so you know what to expect, I have 200 friends so I gift alphabetically from A-Z, unless there's an event going on and friends have special requests, and I usually only get to 2 gifting cycles a day.  All that to say it takes me a few days to make the full circuit, rinse and repeat.  heart_eyes

Again, I'm so happy you've joined the Consortium and I'll help you as much as I can.

Take care, my friend!



From: kthreads


Hi Ada,

Got your invites, thank you. No worries on gifting, I appreciate you adding me in to your friends.


Dear Janet:smile

welcome to the consortium blushsmile_catprincessangel

thank you for offering your time, santa ,generosity gem

knowledgespeech_balloon,and patience full_moon_with_face (for newbies, and forgetful scream_cat,befuddled flushed players, like myselftropical_fish)

I play on IOS, and assist the consortium as ablefamily



From: oiuoiu321


Thanks for offering to help, Janet!  Much appreciated!


From: Honeyphan


Hi Janet - would love to add you to my games. :)

I also have over 200 friends on my main, so it takes a while to return a gift, but I try to gift all 3 cycles (sometimes only managing 2 of them since I can't always stay up til 3 am, and have not yet learned to get up early, often missing that cycle). With my event room/baby games, I can gift to the Consortium more often (when I'm active there, which is during all the events). Once I return all gifts given, I usually go to members of the Consortium next. :)

Please PM me with your ID #s for PC - and I'll send invites.



From: kthreads


Hi Honey,

Thank you very much. I sent you a PM with my ID numbers.


In reply toRe: msg 156

From: Anharion



I'm having difficulty getting the spring painted eggs & flower baskets so would appreciate any help in acquiring them.  I play as Aeysha on Android a1375560.  I'd be more than happy to gift any other spring event items to the consortium.  I have an excess of  patchwork eggs, multicoloured eggs as well as various other items.

Debbie (Debbie1845)

From: Debbie (Debbie1845)


Hi Aeysha !

I hope you have been enjoying the SE!!  birdhatching_chickrabbitbeetlesunflowerhibiscus
I am so happy that you decided to seek our help and assistance!! We are always here to lend a helping hand!! wave

I will let our Android Consortium Member Team know what your needs are and they will invite you to their games. wink

If you could please put the Painted Egg and Flower Basket on your WL that would be great! 

If you have any extra items that you would like to so very kindly and generously donate to the Consortium, please just PM me a list of what you have and we can move forward from there. What a giving nature and spirit you have! We are are very appreciative and grateful.

I do hope you and your family are staying safe and well.

If I may be of any further help, assistance, or support in any way, please just let me know at anytime! 

Debbie ~ Consortium Leader two_hearts


From: Anharion


Just to say thank you all for your generosity which has enabled me to get the painted eggs & flower baskets need for 2 spring pets.  I have now removed them from my wishlist & will happily continue donating to the consortium.


From: kthreads



You're very welcome. I'm glad you have your pets. 

Any donations are always welcome.  Thank you for donating to the consortium.