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Help Needed please   Technical Issues

Started May-14 by criccieth10; 2146 views.
In reply toRe: msg 1

Yes, I lost my game, too.. only to have it restored after a few days with almost zero inventory...I WAS ABLE, with the help of friends, to complete the spring Castle Challenge, but was so bummed playing a game that didn't look like mine...I didn't take enough advantage of the private rooms for coin. 

Coin isn't the problem, tho I used to have over 6 million and Elephant gave me back just 4 million...they did give me more diamonds than I had but …. I lost not only inventory, but some ancient ACHIEVEMENTS, along with (I thought) a few avatars. Nope, I am locked out of 14 of my avatars!  

Also, the private rooms ALL need to be reset...every single stick of 'furniture'.   Feels incredibly unfair especially since I had spent so much inventory & time to get that Magic Miser. 

Am finally writing them back, to beg for (if not inventory...please, my achievements and avatars!)

I have ancient inventory pics on google photo cloud...I mean from a couple years ago...only recent pic is just of extra pet eggs.  

Bopped back into the forum to ask about Furniture Finder achievement, as am pretty sure I had it, but not sure of the number...I was current before game crashed.   I might just post it as a separate HELP post, as I really need to finish this letter to Elephant. 

HI, Robert!

My advice (not that I was smart enough to stay on top of it and may never get my inventory returned from the nasty crash)

would be to take advantage of Google's Photo cloud.  


From: anglegirl70


Hi Robert.  May I ask you what kind of program you use or do you make up your own like in Excell.  Thank you and thank you for being so helpful to all of us.

                                                                                             Sandy (anglegirl70)

Robert (amf368)

From: Robert (amf368)


so I am a little behind on computer stuff today, Nature has been giving us thunderstorms and that disrupts the internet( the lightening not the rain)

My spreadsheet program died years ago. I use notepad for my list, notepad is free in windows.  You can also do it by hand. I make the list using  standard blank paper and ruler 8w by 11l paper. Draw a line down the middle length wise, then draws line 1/2in or 1 1/2cm apart and you have mad a two column blank spreadsheet. Then write an item one each line put the number next to and just erase it and put the new number in how ever often you like. one paper will last a while. 

An easier way to keep track know is using the camera on you phone.  I am still playing and getting the hang of it. Most phones will date and time stamp the picture for you, 

If you have bad hand writing or are developing hand medical problems(like I am/have) you can do it all but the number change In a document writing program like notepad or word, office.   I am going to do an example below.

                       PET FOOD(all caps)


Unique food: 5             | special food: 6

Rare food: 1                  | simple food: 5

exclusive food: 8          | pet medallion: 100

                     AIR SHIP ITEMS(ALL CAPS)


Bronze amphora: 10  | genie's lamp: 3

ancient scroll: 15         | amber box:   50

Ships lantern: 25          | clay tablet: 16

I know I have all pets, avatars and all my albums are full. I  do not keep a list of the general items unless I have ten or more of an item. to long and changes to much day to day. I do coins, diamond, shards, amulets energy units, Pets food(including medallions) , stamps(including presents and postcards), crafted items, eggs, airship items, seasonal items. 

Crafted and seasonal will take a while to list all the items, seasonal only has to be updated once a year after the event. I just finished updating spring yesterday. 


From: datsalotta


Hi criccieth10 - I have a spreadsheet and sent you a pm.