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Alpha Game 160 The Summer Olympics   Fun and Games

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sedimentary environment describes the combination of physical, chemical and biological processes associated with the deposition of a particular type of sediment and, therefore, the rock types that will be formed after lithification, if the sediment is preserved in the rock record. In most cases the environments associated with particular rock types or associations of rock types can be matched to existing analogues

Depositional environment - Wikiwand

Trophic Cascade (are powerful indirect interactions that can control entire ecosystems, occurring when a trophic level in a food web is suppressed. For example, a top-down cascade will occur if predators are effective enough in predation to reduce the abundance, or alter the behavior, of their prey, thereby releasing the next lower trophic level from predation (or herbivory if the intermediate trophic level is a herbivore))

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Unstable ecosystem refers to that state when an ecosystem is unable to adjust with environmental changes. ... If the environmental changes exceed the ecosystem resilience, ecosystem instability is caused but when ecosystem is such that it can withstand environmental changes, ecosystem stability is maintained

Unstable Marine Ecosystems | Marine ecosystem, Ecosystems, Marine

Graduate Institute An Unstable Ecosystem: Historical reflections on  Conflict and Arms in Sudan Robert Muggah, Small Arms Survey. - ppt download

William Vogt (was an ecologist and ornithologist, with a strong interest in both the carrying capacity and population control. He was the author of best-seller Road to Survival, National Director of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America and secretary of the Conservation Foundation. According to Charles C. Mann, "Vogt...laid out the basic ideas for the modern environmental movement. In particular, he founded what the Hampshire College population researcher Betsy Hartmann has called 'apocalyptic environmentalism'—the belief that unless humankind drastically reduces consumption and limits population, it will ravage global ecosystems. In best-selling books and powerful speeches, Vogt argued that affluence is not our greatest achievement but our biggest problem. If we continue taking more than the Earth can give, he said, the unavoidable result will be devastation on a global scale. Cut back! Cut back! was his mantra.")

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Whitewater rivers are of great ecological importance and are important to local fisheries.

Rafting, Kayaking. An Unidentified Man Are Sailing On His Short Dagger  Whitewater Kayak. Ecological Water Tourism. Editorial Image - Image of  kids, events: 120285715

Branch Flood Fresh Ecology Stock Photos And Images - 123RF

Xique-Xique (The Caatinga (the only unique Brazilian ecosystem, and a semiarid biome and the largest dry forest region in South America and one of the richest dry forests in the world) is the native region of species that go way beyond the mandacaru plant and the xique-xique cactus)

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THE newly established Yangtze River Delta Ecology and Greenery Integration Demonstration Zone set an ecological target yesterday with plans to ensure over 95 percent of the river water reaches national standards and greenery coverage exceeds more than 42 percent by 2025.

The zone covers about 2,300 square kilometers of Suzhou’s Wujiang District, Jiashan County in Jiaxing and Shanghai’s Qingpu District.

Yangtze River Delta focuses on ecologically friendly development_In Zhejiang

Commentary: Yangtze, Yellow rivers protection highlights China's ecological  advancement - Xinhua |

Zonation (refers to the patterns that are observed in a community over a distance, based on the distinct fauna and flora found along the area. Although the different zones are characterized by the dominant species inhabiting them, the separation of zones isn’t always a clear straight line, but instead there is some overlapping of species, particularly where the zones meet)

Calling it a night.............................

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Two major Antarctic glaciers structural damage reveals that ice shelf weakening has rapidly evolved in recent years. Multi-satellite imagery identified damage areas, sparking concerns that structural weakening could lead to major ice shelf collapse in the decades to come. This collapse, in turn, reduces the glaciers’ ability to hold back major sections of the entire West Antarctic Ice Sheet from running into the ocean. An ecological disaster in the making.

Antarctica's 'Doomsday Glacier' Is Starting to Crack - EcoWatch

Blue Carbon (refers to carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere by the world's coastal ocean ecosystems, mostly mangroves, salt marshes, seagrasses and macroalgae, through plant growth and the accumulation and burial of organic matter in the soil)