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A Call To Arms - Archive (all 250 pages)   Oh the Absurdity!

Started 5/14/18 by Kattlyn Raven (cindykat325); 43147 views.
In reply toRe: msg 235

From: Randytb


Now I have sent Charlie the news to get ready to meet our new friends I return to Rosie's cottage and am so happy to see Imp sitting up talking to Pup.

I hug Imp and say welcome back my lill one you gave us quite a scare .

Imp looks at me what?? where was I and how long was I gone ,, what happened?

I hear The Golden Queen in my thoughts ** be careful brave one Imp is still very fragile and would not take much to send her over the Abyss and we would lose her for good,,, the evil around her is still strong but we will fight it and get Imp back so her destiny will be completed.**

No lill one you did not go any where you fell sick with a very bad fever and were very sick for several days but you are on the way to full recovery now ,,,

Opel is going to give you a potion from her home land ( it is horrid) but it works so you have to drink it all okay?

Imp screws up her face -- do I have to ??

Yes you have to if you want to get out of that bed and teach Pup here some of your fighting moves.

Just saying that Imp's face lite up.

And you have a new Dragon to meet her name is Snow and she is Frost's twin sister and Pup here is her rider now named Falga but while we are in the Land Of Midnight Castle we will still call her Dandydog  my Pup.

Pup and Imp looked at each other and started to giggle like two school kids up to no good.

I can now sigh this is a huge relief seeing Imp on the road to recovery but I have to be careful in how I explain all this but one baby step at a time.

I head off to see The Queen my head spinning but my heart is thumping with joy.

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From: Randytb


The days fly by and Imp is getting stronger and the color is returning to her face and the best part she is getting that devilish twinkle in her eyes.

She try's to do to much and as always is a hand full she is like trying to rein in a wild mustang.

Pup is a huge help for me those two are getting along so well almost like sister's

I have to laugh when they are together in the Mess Hall and when finished eating the have pretend battles with there knives and forks I expect that they will be out on the field soon enough but Pup knows my orders to take it easy with Imp and not over do things.

I report to our Queen every day on the progress Imp is making * as if I needed to do that for Our Queen knows and sees all.*

Being so busy with the upcoming journey I am surprised at my Amulet not trying to deaf-in me with chaos back at The Tea Room , but something grabs my attention and I listen as voices speak.

They are coming from The Tea Room,,, some of what is being said is muted but I do make out Roo Roo PTG Angel and a female?? now a male??

I rub my Amulet and ask PTG ? is everything alright there and did you take Opel's potion ,, are you better?

Am I needed back ?? who are those two voices I hear one female and one male?

I do not get an answer

Humm I do not like this so I head to Frost ,,,, come Brave one we have to make a short trip back to the Tea Room ,,,, wait I will be right back as I run to The Mess Tent and grab Opel's potion and tell her I am taking this with me if that crow shows up tell him to late lol

I get back to Frost and tell Jewel Brulle and Snow to watch things I will not be long.

We head back and soon land in the open field and I head to The Tea Room.

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From: Randytb


It is good to get back to the main Camp in it just might take my mind off of the anger I still fell and the need to smash some one's head.

Frost I need to get this out of me *RIDER*

He knows what I am going through and by instinct knows what I need 

He takes me close to The Northern Island ,, flting slow and low I see a camp and then the stench hits me OGRES just what I need.

Frost lands us behind a small hill and I crawl snake like to the peek and look over.

They have not changed in looks nor smell it is stomach turning,

I stand up and scream HEY UGLY IDJITS COME GET ME.

All eyes look up and I hear grunts groans and roars as they coma at me ** I count myself lucky here for in my fit of anger I did not think of what I was doing ** but to late the deed is done .

The first one to reach me gets my Sai in his ribs as I ripe it up to his chin down he goes,

I side step the second on and cut him off at the knees and as he screams I slice his throat

Two down two to go,

The third one is so fat he can barley move so I have some fun with him,, using my Sai I snap it like a whip and every place it lands a bit of him falls .

I hear the last one coming up fast so I put the one laying on the ground out of his misery and turn to face the last one ,,

Holy craponacracker he is a bigun.

I need my sword for this one as I slide it out of it's holder it turns a brilliant blue ,, We have a stare down and he laughs at me and think he says hahaha you are a runt and you will die slowly but who knows what they say as I tuck and roll between his huge legs and see him bend over to look between his legs *** dumb arse*** gives me the perfect shot ,, both my sword and Sai struck at the same time one in each eye and as he falls arse of tea cup I pull my sword out of his skull and leap on his huge chest and deliver the killing blow.

Frost is already turning them in ice that will melt to nothing in the sun so no sign will be seen that they where here or what happened.

I sit and try to stop shaking ,, cursing myself from losing control like that and to let myself be made a fool at The Tea Room so this will never be spoken off nor will anyone back there know of this.

I calm down enough to return to the camp and check on Imp and Pup.

I enter Rosie's cottage but no one is there???

I hear Snow say Cap they are on the open field ,,, thank you Snow I run over ready to tear a new one,,, I stop okay man enough get a grip your going to lose it for good and be of no use to any one let alone your self now buck up and fly right you blooming idjit.

I take a deep breath and calmly walk over to the parade square and see two fighters having a mock battle.

As I get closer I can now see that the two are Imp and Pup.

I am about to blast them both yet I just stand and watch.

I am amazed at what I see it is breathtaking to watch them go through there paces they move as one ,, jab ,,, retreat ,, swing and jab,, back and forth ,, there swords lock and and Imp grabs Pup by the arm goes down pulling Pup over her head and as Pup lands on her back her sword drops and in a flash Imp is on her chest with her sword at Pup's throat.

The break out in giggles as Imp rolls over and they both lay prone trying to catch there breath.

I walk over bravo very well done but what the hell do you think you are doing Imp ,,, you are not strong enough yet ,, in a heart beat Imp is in my face **** OH YEAH WHO SAYS SO **

Yep that is my Imp as I extend my arms to hug here I say me sweet lill girl me now come here both of you.

How be you two go clean up and then we can go to The Mess Hall and chow down and you can fill me in on the progress you both have made.

I watch as they scamper off and I head to see The Queen.