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Do you feed birds?   The Natural You: Wild Kingdom

Started 6/30/20 by MerlinsDad; 8577 views.

From: Showtalk 


Many. It only stopped in the last 5-10 years.

I thought it all stopped about 40 years ago when that one dude put cyanide in some Pixie sticks to collect life insurance on his kid, and got caught. He spent years and years on Death Row and I think they finally executed him on an October 31st.

It was apparently the only actual candy tampering incident that was proven, other than things done by some kids themselves to get their name in the paper, such as a needle in a candy bar. But the whole "stranger danger" thing really took off and trick or treating essentially ground to a screeching halt.

Although I've heard of x-raying candy and such but looking back from a historical standpoint, I think they finally figured out that it was more of a witch hunt than any actual danger uncovered from bad actors.

It quickly turned into just too much hassle, too much fear of something bad happening. It may have been one of the contributing factors of the start of the "Bubble Wrap Generation" that turned into dysfunctional young adults who had been raised to be afraid of their own shadow, who then turned into helicopter parents one they had kids of their own.


From: Showtalk 


No, parents forgot and children still went out. I thought it was a razor blade in an apple.  As if someone couldn’t see a slit in an apple skin.

Showtalk said:

I thought it was a razor blade in an apple. As if someone couldn’t see a slit in an apple skin.

There was one of those but it got in the apple after the kid acquired the apple, and put it in after eating half of it or so which would explain the lack of a slit.


From: Showtalk 


The child put it in himself?

Yeah, he did. Because he had heard about such things and those who found something like that, were the center of attention for quite a while.

It was one of his siblings that tattled on him eventually when the story spiraled way out of control.

Picture a couple of Bart Simpson kinds of antics that got out of hand, such as the infamous "Radio Bart" episode.


From: Showtalk 


Yes, Bart Simpson gets into a lot of trouble, and gets out of it.

Yeah, Bart seems to do a lot of that.

And generations of kids have watched and often gotten plenty of ideas of antics to copy or modify.

Risa (Risa25)

From: Risa (Risa25) 


I feed birds in a squirrel proof feeder outside my window where the cats can see it, and I also put out food on the ground for the squirriels.

From: WALTER784 


Risa (Risa25) said...

squirrel proof feeder outside my window