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Started Feb-15 by Zenzalei; 522 views.

From: Zenzalei


Hi All - 

My old Fire gave up the ghost last week and I had to get a new one. I have sent a request to BFG about transferring my progress to my new account. While I am waiting, please feel free to remove my old account a640637 from your friends list.

My new account is a1387462. However, I do not know what will happen when BFG transfers my progress to my new account. I have never been through this process before. In the meantime, I am playing just to revisit the old castle scenes that change later on, for nostalgia's sake. 

I do hope they transfer my progress soon, though. I miss all of my pets and have a feeling that Castle Challenges and seasonal events are much harder at low levels. smile

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From: Zenzalei


BFG still has not transferred my account. I've been responding to their automated messages several times per week. Not sure what is going on but this is kind of disappointing. I hope they can get it resolved before the Spring Event.


From: oiuoiu321


When I lost my game, I got it back quite quickly by contacting Elephant Games, not BigFish.

Good luck!


From: Zenzalei


They finally transferred it and I am over the moon! The hardest part about starting over was not having my pets. It took me five years to get them all, so I am very happy.