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June 2019 Ex-Smokers    Quit Buddies Unite

Started 1/28/19 by Terry (abquitsmking); 73226 views.

From: Eve1973


Congratulations on making it a year! Fantastic job! Any advice or wisdom? I’m a lil over 5 months and I’m still smelling it too, sometimes it stinks and other times it’s like an old friend came by. Which is not what I want to think. 

Hope you celebrated!


From: June2019


Congrats to you, Eve! 5 months is a big hurdle. 

For me, learning to handle emotional stressors without surrounding myself in a nicotine cloud was, beyond the physical addiction, the biggest hurdle. At a little after my 5 months I was able to get though a big work deadline without nicotine and that felt so GREAT!!!!  I think that is how I kept plugging along - by noting on my pocket calendar (old skool june) and sometimes on here where I hit a personal milestone of 'getting through X without cigs'. So when the next curveball came along, I could remind myself 'you got through X without cigs, you'll get through this'

When I felt a stressor coming on - I would try to remove myself from the situation with a quick walk even if it was just to the restroom at work, take deep breaths, think out what I need to do/say before acting rashly/panicking. I am STILL learning to work through these things! I hid my undeveloped EFFECTIVE communication skills for a lifetime in the excuse of needing a smoke. 

As an aside, I was on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds for 12 years while raising my kids. And I always felt they were a cop out - a way of dealing with a crazy world that made me depressed and anxious. ANYWAY, as an empty nester I gradually adjusted my lifestyle (meditation helped), lowered the med dosages and then quit totally - which had BAD withdrawals. BAD! way worse than physical withdrawals from getting off nicotine. On my list of life accomplishments, quitting both anti-depressants as well as nicotine are on there!

Stay strong - it keeps getting easier and easier as you/we have more experience in living as a non-smoker :)


From: Eve1973


Thanx June,

Appreciate the encouragement! Wow good for you on quitting both! Don’t know much about the depressments, but you must be very proud! Great job....Keep it going!


From: June2019


same to you, denim!

1 day down!