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Lost game, started back at level 1   Technical Issues

Started Mar-28 by Brad the Impala (OtterQueen); 1831 views.

I got my game back today!  They really loaded me up with items - I have 100 of each item and 100 of each crafted item. I have to re-craft all my pets, though. And I'm missing some of the seasonal items.  I do have a game glitch - I have 100 of the Keys of Fate, but whenever I open the Ghostly Chest, I get a pet. Over and over. I can't get the Exclusive Food. So if anyone would like the Keys of Fate, I have plenty.

CC to Honeyphan

Congrats on getting your game back!! Regarding the Ghostly Chest, if you have the exclusive pets then you should see the exclusive food coming from the HOSs just like the other food does.


Yes, I can get the exclusive food from completing HOS's, but I have no use for all these Keys of Fate. So I figured I could give them to others who can use them.

You're welcome and I'm sure there are some players looking for keys.


From: Honeyphan


Wow - that is awesome that your game is back and they gave you so much! :D

I have plenty of exclusive food - and will gladly gift you some. (I wish I had read this before I gifted you yesterday and would have given you that instead of the seasonal egg I did. Sorry...)

Cool!  Maybe we can exchange exclusive food for Keys of Fate!