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Collect Enchanted Eggs...   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Apr-17 by Minerva (KayteCat); 204 views.
Minerva (KayteCat)

From: Minerva (KayteCat)



Has anyone else noticed that with each event, this task becomes more difficult?  So, the first spring event, we would have a 1 in 3 chance in each room that the egg would be the type we needed. We need 13 of them? No worries. We just have to go through about 39 rooms, on average.  

Now, 5 years later, our chance that a specific enchanted egg type (say, bird houses) will generate is 1 in 45. 

that means, to get 13 of them, on average and assuming they have not tweaked the probabilities, we would need to go through 585 rooms!

If they want us to use 13 carrots (or wands for winter, or Ghost Traps for Autumn) the least they could do is even out the odds... for example, instead of asking for “Bird boxes”, they could ask for “birds or bird boxes”. They could get creative with the combinations.

I went through all of the rooms available to me at level 91, and found a grand total of 2.

Kinda wishing I had bought the amulet, right about now. At least then it would be faster to go through the rooms and not find the bird boxes.