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Airship Misery   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started 9/13/21 by 1MagentaRose; 2666 views.

From: Susanna502MC


Also, the Daily Quests (Gnome) sometimes require you to send airship. There are Achievements related to the Daily Quests, Trina, and the airship. Trina gives you the keys needed to open the private rooms and furniture. The Daily Quests change at new day, but Trina's quests don't change until you meet all the requirements which may include airships/wheels or shards. So if you don't do shards or airships, you can't open the private rooms. That means you can't do the seasonal event HOS.

You'll want shards in the future, that is if you hope to decorate your private rooms but more importantly, if you want to get any of the Achievements that require completing quests for Trina.  No rush, but you most likely will want shards if you stay with the game.

Here ya go...a little light reading. lol

MC Game Guide [midnightcastle 109.1] (