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Optimizing Trina   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started 10/9/21 by Tannie2018; 861 views.

From: AEGram


Tannie2018 said:

I used the Blue Key Quests because I was lazy. I could visit a hos 20 times before it could/would give me a zz item, but using the bkq, the item was guaranteed.

This is true....if you're sent to a location to get an item by a DQ or a Side Quest, you're guaranteed to get that don't have any in inventory.

Since I have a little over 270 of Torch, Rune Stone, Murderer's Eye, Winged Amulet, Shard of Soul, and Forged Key alone, that strategy doesn't work for me. 

Over the years, I built up a "generous" amount of inventory so I could focus on the DQs and Trina when I had all other achievements completed. Unfortunately, the huge demand on airship items as you get to the higher levels has done me in.....I literally cannot play enough HOSs in a day to accommodate the sending of an airship that's 465 wheels!!!!!, I send them off empty and hope for one that's closer to 300. you level up, though, the airships that deliver close to 300 - 321 wheels are rare.

To add insult to injury, the Devs changed Trina's quests at the Spring 2021 download so that she only asks for wheels, shards, HOSs, and ZZs....

Shard requests in the beginning were reduced to 50...they've climbed up to 56 for now. But, she asks for wheels about 56% of the time. The Devs attempts to make it easier for players, actually makes it harder.

We tried for years on the BF forum to suggest modifications to the airship area increasing the wheels with each level the player advances....we suggested putting a cap on the number of wheels an airship would deliver, we suggested letting us pack x number of items in the crates, but doing it like when we trade with the children: choosing from which item we had the most of to keep them balanced. 

They don't listen to valid solutions that will actually help the players reach their already ridiculous 3000 and 5000 Golden Keys for those 2 achievements. I truly don't think any of the developers of this game actually play all the aspects of the game because they don't have a clue how to make changes to lessen the burden on players. 

I don't mind having achievements that you have to work for to achieve. After all, if they were all so easy to complete, they couldn't truthfully be called "achievements." However, having to work 5-8 years to complete one achievement is also not an's an "impossible dream" to most players.