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Lost Game Again   Technical Issues

Started Oct-10 by Tannie2018; 1358 views.

From: Tannie2018


On the day the challenge started, I lost my game. I had 365/366 achievements completed, leaving only Trina 5k left. So I started over as a level 1. Through the graciousness of my friends who donated many eggs, I was able to get to level 22, obtain 3 pets while working on 2 more, completed 1200 hos in 5 days, obtain 5 or 6 puzzles and over 400 diamonds.

I am very saddened to report that I have, again, lost my game and have reset to level 1. I took down my wish list. I'm planning on getting to the level I can open the private rooms so that my friends will have access to my rooms. Not sure what I'll do after that as it appears to be inevitable that I will continuously lose my game until the issue is fixed.

Be careful as your game could be next.


From: LvlSlgr


Tannie2018 said:

Be careful as your game could be next.

Exactly! That's why I decided to not play even though I wasn't having any problems. I've lost my game twice before and if it happens a third time I won't be back.

Tannie, it may not be a good idea to continue playing on a game that you lost.  That game is unstable and will probably never save correctly.  The best thing to do is not to play that game, contact BF or EG to reconstruct your game (well, not really your game but something close) and go from there.  There are so many players that keep trying to play their game that's been lost once.  Odds are if it was lost once, it will be lost again.


From: Tannie2018


I uninstalled/reinstalled it. Aside from never playing again or buying a new computer, I have no idea how to get rid of a corrupted game. I'm hoping EG will give us a fix.

This isn't something you can fix.  The problem is with the save file on EG's/BFG's server.  The save.db file on your computer just has basic information, enough for it to "call" it's counterpart on the server.  It's set up that way so players cannot alter their level, achievements, etc.  I'm not sure how long you have been playing, but early on, there were players who had achievements that were based on a certain number of days when the number of days to achieve it had not yet passed.

Although it's not consolation, this problem with corrupted save files server-side is not unique to Midnight Castle, Elephant Games or Big Fish Games.  Nintendo, Ubisoft and others have had similar issues.  It occurs most often when the game is exited before all the data has transferred to the server.  That doesn't seem to be the case this time, and Whitebutterfly is absolutely correct that your game is unlikely to save correctly until the problem is corrected.  Whatever the problem is this time, the result is there is missing data, for now many, many players, between the device the game is on and the information on the server that allows the two to communicate back and forth.


From: Tannie2018


I sent BFG a request. Their response is I will be helped in the order received. I hope that is in my lifetime.


From: LadyAstra


JustMe2 (CantFindName) said:

Although it's not consolation, this problem with corrupted save files server-side is not unique to Midnight Castle, Elephant Games or Big Fish Games.  Nintendo, Ubisoft and others have had similar issues.  It occurs most often when the game is exited before all the data has transferred to the server. 


     This is correct.  The most famous case I can think of recently happened with the notoriously buggy game Fallout 4 from Bethesda Software.  Players were reporting several glitches that will be familiar to this forum, including "hijacking", lock-outs and reset-to-zero games.  At least we didn't pay $50+ U.S. for Midnight Castle only to have this happen!

      As you know, most computing and media consumption seems to increasingly be moving towards cloud-based systems.  Gaming, both casual and "hardcore", seems to be headed in the same direction.  Those of you with Steam accounts are already familiar with the setup.  I suspect this is not only to combat game alteration and cheating, as JustMe2 reports, but because games are becoming increasingly complex, beyond what most devices and consoles (and with a few games, even top-of-the-line gaming PCs) can handle with just disks and even digital downloads.  The long-going computer chip shortage also doesn't help (if you need a new phone, better get one soon). 

       Eventually, you will no longer purchase (or in the case of free-to-plays like MC, sign-up for) a game, you will purchase access to a game, just as you now purchase access to Microsoft Office. sign-up for access to Gmail, or subscribe to streaming services or satellite radio.  You will be beholden to your provider's servers and the strength of your internet connection.

       Welcome to the new age.



From: SharpEye1


Hi all--Thought I'd share the response I got this morning from BFG regarding my game being reset to Level 1, "Player", and my response back to them just a few minutes ago.  If need be, I do have a list I can use, although it's from September 2019.  LOL

Hello Ada,

This is Dwayne from Big Fish Games. Thanks for writing in. I understand that the progress of your game has been reset. I can certainly look into this for you.

We were able to manually add progress to near the level of your original game. Please keep in mind that the progress we've added isn't an exact replica of your original progress, so there may be some quests that need to be repeated.

If you find that more items need to be added to make up for what was lost, please provide a list of the specific items as well as the amounts for each and we can certainly get those credited to your current game.

I hope this helps. Have a nice day.


Dwayne M.
In the pond Monday - Friday

Hi Dwayne,
Thank you for getting back to me and letting me know.  However, I know this is a widespread issue that has affected many of my friends in MC as well.  So, has the problem been fixed?  I'm fearful of opening my game to see what you've done because it could crash on me again, again resetting me to level 1 "player".
Thank you,
P.S.  I did happen to take a screenshot of the lava room when I was in at level 107/108, so it shows my coins, diamonds, etc.  I also have screenshots of all my inventory, achievements, crafted items, private rooms, pets & food, stamps, etc. (although it's from 2019).  So, I can make a pretty accurate list I'd be happy with, which he said he'd use to credit me with more stuff.  So, if I only lose a few levels but get all of that back, I think I could live with that.   It's the hard earned achievements that would bother me the most. heart_eyes
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Robert (amf368)

From: Robert (amf368)


I have played around after my game reset to level one. You are correct just entering the game starts a countdown to crash to desktop and possible reset, visiting the social page just speeds up the crash. I made a level five and level two game crash just by leaving the game open. There is nothing at level two or   five.  I go into Robert2 but for no more than five minutes and do not do the social room.  THE SIGN THAT THE GAME IS ABOUT TO CRASH IS THINGS WILL SLOW DOWN, IF THAT STARTS EXIT IMMEDIATLLY. Other players have noted the slow down before crash and so have I. All the people that worried that the game would eventually become unstable were wright, is has. Can the dev's fix it? This may be the end of midnight castle. 

I agree with what you're saying, but I'll be kicking and screaming the whole way.  Even back in the day when I bought a game from BF, I would always opt to get the CD in the mail.  I guess it's a control thing; if I have a hard copy, I feel like I own it.

I'm still using an old version of Word because I don't want to acquiesce to a subscription.  But my son plays XBox games, and those have long gone the way of buying "access" to play rather than outright own the CD.  I don't even think CDs are available anymore.

Unfortunately, I don't think the appetite is there to bring MC up to today's technical standards, so the choice may be to stick with an inherently unstable game or no game at all.