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Hello Everyone in the Castle   Friends

Started Oct-12 by PixieBells; 1763 views.

From: PixieBells


Hello to Everyone in the castle!  My Game Name is PixieBells I play on PC at level 85....I have been away for 3-4 years. Went to Move to a new state And had a delay in life....lived in RV for 3 1/2 years. So During that time I missed the Castle so much I played on a laptop under the name Holly. Moved into a House!!! Yippee!!! I missed my Game. Well I am in the possess of transferring my game ....I have informed my Laptop game Friends of my P.C.Game #.

Sent a email & Waiting for Big Fish to contact me......I will post My Game # after all this is ....

looking Forward to The Fall Event And Winter Event And Spring Event .......Have many rounds of the castle to enjoy

I am so sorry lots of Players have had update issues I will cross my fingers, toes, and eyes for luck~ and say a prayerpray toorevolving_hearts

PixieBells all so known as Holly


From: Randytb


Hey Holly

Welcome back been to long

Yes I remember you lol thought the cyber boogie man gotcha

You have had some adventure there but you made it.

Once this mess  with the updat is fixed and safe to play I will re add you

Welcome home


PixieBells, love your name.  It never failed to make me smile.  I'm so glad you found your way back.  MC gets under your skin and you just have to play.  LOL


From: PixieBells


Thank You for the warm Welcome Back Randy relaxed

Life is a adventure that the tooth!

I am slowly going through the castle and doing a lot of Fall cleaning   and sneezing from all the dusting lol

Ugh my PixieBells need a quick shine too…..better now

off to the levels I haven’t seen in Years!!!



From: PixieBells


So very true Whitebutterfly about MC under your skin And Your name always made me Smile warm happy thoughts of   visit on a sunny daysunny

Thank You


From: PixieBells


Howdy right back at ya nvrsdiwsgd

 it’s great to be back in the castle !

Thanks ‍?? PixieBells 


From: Randytb


You are most welcome it is alwats good to see old friends back.

Be careful of the mess called New Update  no amount of dusting on our part will help make it clean and working right.

Bless you I see my dust bunnies gotcha lol



From: Cyberfox277


Welcome back PixieBells, I remember that name smiley  I have no idea if I deleted you or not, but I think I'm still on the forum's master list, and the nick is still the same wink

Shylo (shylo2425)

From: Shylo (shylo2425)


Hi PixieBells,

I have you in my game and will send an invite unless you're game ID is changed.

I lost my game last month, and am waiting for Elephant Games to replace it. I do not anticipate my game ID 917173 to be changed. Please send me an invite when you're back in the game, and welcome back.wink

Good Luck!

Shylo blush