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EG restoring my game Here is a link   Technical Issues

Started Oct-19 by datsalotta; 2673 views.

From: datsalotta


I lost my game at level 111. Contacted EG and they got back to me right away. This is a copy of one of their replies

Hello Frances! We are really sorry for the inconvenience this problem
> brought. As a player, I fully understand your feelings. Unfortunately,
> it is impossible to restore your progress automatically, but we can do
> it manually by adding to your account all the items, currency,
> achievements, avatars, pets, level and other things you can remember.
> Please, give us a list of items you had on your profile (you can
> embellish the list a little, I won't judge ??) and we'll start
> processing
> it.

I've been playing since Dec. 2014. I had lost my game in 2017 (forget the level but it was before adding The East room) At that time BFG asked me to submit a list of all my items etc.  I made a spreadsheet in MS Excel and submitted it. My game was restored.

So this time I went to my Excel file and imported into Office 365. I used this list as a basis to allow me to revise/add all the items for Level 111. I want to share this file , hoping it can help other MC players restore their game.

Here is the link:!5135&ithint=file%2cxlsx&wdOrigin=OFFICECOM-HWA.MAIN.MRU

This file was sent successfully to EG and here is the prompt email reply.

maria.mescheriakova <>
Mon 2021-10-18 1:34 AM
Hello Frances! Thank you so much for such structured list. I can access
it, everything's ok!
We'll start working on your game later this week.

Have a great day!

 So I remain hopeful

If this helps other players to restore their game I will be so pleased. It was a daunting task to work on getting all the items into the Excel file. If you use this link to the Excel file it will save you alotta time



From: AEGram


When clicking on that link to your Excel spreadsheet, it's required to sign into Microsoft account.....which I did.

It then says the file has been deleted, expired, or is no longer available.

In reply toRe: msg 2

From: datsalotta


 Ok I had a problem posting this to Delphi so I tried again. Now there are 2 threads entitled the same.

I will try the link for myself. Tested it before but will try again

Soon I will delete this duplicate thread. Stay tuned ((*!*))


This is what I get when I click on your link:


From: datsalotta


I just clicked on the link I posted. It opened right away, complete, in One Drive.

datsa - just thought I'd chime in.  Those who don't have Windows 10, don't have One Drive (I don't think anyway).  And many choose not to save to the Cloud, so that's probably why some players can't download your file.

I have Windows 10 and One Drive but I think the reason you can open and I can't is because it's your file. 


From: LvlSlgr


I get the same thing that Tammy does and, like her, I also have Windows 10 and One Drive.

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In reply toRe: msg 8

From: datsalotta


Go figure !

Perhaps you are right, it's because it's my file, so I can send to your email??? If you pm me your email, I will definitely send it that way

The only other thing I can think of is if you do or do not have Office365 active on your games

The list took hours to construct. It would be a shame not to be able to help my great MC friends

Let me know