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Anyone else out there using the patch??   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started 11/2/19 by Jonny84; 2861 views.

From: overdoz


It was good till the 3 week mark, then i slipped a bit but im back to not smoking. I just keep quitting.

On a positive note i went to my dentist today, it had been a year and did a cleaning, teeth look good, no cavities he said, keep up the good work.. He used to be a smoker himself.  the cleaning definitely went easier than other times when i smoked heavily. Smoking does a lot of damage to teeth and gums. 

Thanks for messaging me


From: baysedge


Hope you make it this time Overdoz -youve

come so close to a year 

cigarette free for most of the year is a good accomplishment .  


From: Haajas75


Doing very well at 14 days free..... sleeping issues is all for me but they are terrible at times..


From: Redmare57


I’m on day 8 of the patch.  I take it off before bed or I get really weird dreams.  Other than that, no problems with it.


From: Quitalicious


Way to go, overdoz! I am rooting for you for the past year. You are amazing. I am so impressed by how persevering you are. Even if you spend your lifetime keeping quitting - you are still better off for all those days you spend smokefree. But chances are, you will one day never want to subject yourself to any more withdrawal and staying off cigarettes will have become so easy that you will quit for good.


From: overdoz


Thanks, i slip on a lot of things i try to change that i have been used to doing for a while. I am consciously when i have a craving go for walks and keep busy and try to change the behavior. 

I am recommitting to everything i am trying to change, we have to keep looking ahead.


From: MDunn1088


I didn't have those while on the patch but off the patch I have them all and then some. It's way better on the patch for me so now I just gotta power through.