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I made it to the clubhouse!   Dots and Stars Milestones

Started 11/7/19 by spartanfan; 2507 views.

From: spartanfan


I woke up with a smile today with the knowledge that I had accomplished something so huge.  There are so many of you who helped me on this journey, too many to list (and I don’t want to mistakenly leave anyone out!).  But let me point out a few...

To the mods.  Wow.  You are all so full of knowledge, care and concern.  I found this site about 3 weeks into my quit, after googling “will I miss smoking forever”  and was immediately welcomed into the fold.  When I didn’t come back for a couple of days, Dee came looking for me to make sure I was ok.  I learned how important it was to stick close to the forum in those early weeks/months.

To my Nopevember friends...even though we lost some along the way, and most of us aren’t around as much anymore, I think about you a lot!  You knew what I was going through every step of the way.

To the January Bravehearts, thank you for adopting me when my group got quiet!  I loved getting to know you all and spending the long, cold winter and spring chatting with you all.  You’ll be here in the clubhouse with me before you know it!

To those who went before me...the old timers and the ones who were just a month or so ahead of me...thank you for your guidance, cheerleading, lifting me up when I was so down (remember when my husband lost his job 2 days after I quit?  Yeah that was fun)  All of you were a gift to me.  

And to those of you just starting this journey...it will get easier, I promise.  Stick with the forum, read as much as you can, drink lots of ice water, use cinnamon sticks or straws to keep your hands and mouth busy....and most importantly, tell that nicodemon to eff off.  You can do this!

Almost overnight I stopped coughing, I don’t get winded as easily, I don’t stink!  And even with a big weight gain (which I don’t blame entirely on quitting!) my total cholesterol is down 49 points from 1 year ago.  All due to not smoking.  I’ve regained 91 days, have spent the equivalent of 35 days NOT smoking and skipped 10,234 cigarettes.  I’ve also saved over $3700!

i know I haven’t been here as a support much lately but I think of my forum family often.  My best to all of you...



From: l1717mary


Hi Julie

Well done wow what a year and you have made it love your key now go and treat you and your family you all deserved it 



From: slowblumer


Hi Julie,

Great post and what a beautiful key you have there.  It's worth it's weight in something better than gold - freedom.

Congratulations .... and ... way to go!




You hung in there - & Look at you now! You proved that you definitely are no sissy!! Now you can use your new found confidence and empowerment on other things you need to conquer. Keep doing lots of deep breathing whenever those just one junkie thoughts creep into your mind.  Enjoy your freedom & welcome to The Clubhouse!!

"Quitting isn't for Sissies!" I quit poisoning myself Sept. 27, 2013

Brenda (1sept19)

From: Brenda (1sept19)


Congratulations again, Julie.  One year free is awesome.  So happy for you and so proud of you .


From: Amicahomi


Agree w/ ModMarge - this is a great post!  Upbeat and uplifting.  Again, congratulations!  May we all be as successful. 


From: Denim50



Hey Julie, 

     Huge Congratulations on one year smoke free! Welcome to the Clubhouse! You did it! You’ve become part of the 7% Club. So much to be proud of. What a amazing achievement! I hope you have a truly wonderful time celebrating all month long. You deserve it! Terrific post too Julie. That’s awesome. I’m sure it’ll help inspire and encourage others. Again, congratulations and best wishes for your continued success. Have a great day! Hugs.  



From: sibby123


So proud of you!!

love your key and you deserve to feel like a million bucks.

you have accomplished something that many cannot.

shine on!



From: SusanK1960


Hi Julie,

Congratulations on one year!  How wonderful it was reading your post.  You are awesome!



From: leighmomof2


Congratulations Julie, you made it to the promise land!! You must be so proud of yourself!! I have such key envy right now, loving that key heart_eyes  Everyone here knows all that key represents and it is priceless. Enjoy the clubhouse! All of us remaining Bravehearts will be joining you soon... save some wine for us!