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ENCHANTED AMULETS   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started Nov-26 by Gro3it; 411 views.

From: Gro3it


Just want to know how to get a ghost amulet. I just can't work it out. It says I don't have that amulet but nowhere does it say how to get one

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From AEGram's MC Game Guide:

Fall event of 2018 brought with it 3 new amulets that players could purchase:
1. Morphing Quick Cooldown – (Cost: 15,000 coins) – Cuts morphing object cooldown time in half for 60 minutes – 80 Energy Units to activate
2. Morphing No Cooldown – (Cost: 100,000 coins) – Stops morphing object cooldown time for 2 minutes – 150 Energy Units to activate
3. Ghost No Cooldown – (Cost: 20,000 coins) – Stops ghost cooldown time for 60 minutes – 120 Energy Units to activate

NOTE: The “for purchase” amulets were made available during the Fall and Winter 2018 events and during the Spring 2019 event. They have not been offered since those times.


From: Gro3it


That explains it. Maybe they will be offered again at some point.

Thank yu

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You're welcome, happy to help!!