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June 2020 Ex-Smokers    Quit Buddies Unite

Started 12/3/19 by ModDee; 30913 views.

From: Loreficent


I’m at 6 months, lol! Missed the day of too. Not so big on those day things. I try to be for others as I know it is important, but I often fail at that and hope for forgiveness. It’s never meant to be selfish. Just mostly fly by the seat of my pants through life and live in the moment and forget stuff!
Totally agree. Best to ditch folks who don’t respect your boundaries. I know that sounds harsh, but, at least not live with them is what I mean. It’s just a set up and creates ill feelings and being honest up front is best.
I just finished an article by an Infectious Disease specialist about his prediction for the Hollowdays. Grimm speculation I’m afraid as far as gatherings. I love Thanksgiving. I love too you treat your babies! Lucky pups. I love Christmas trees but not all the other some-day land fill items. But you probably knew I’d say that. I like lights. Lots of them. Have Christmas lights on my deck year round, the big old fashioned bulb ones. The season itself is special to me but also with a melancholy overtone. Usually exacerbated by the consumerism. Every single year I ask my family please don’t send me gifts. One sister has caught on and gives to the Humane Society in my name. The others....they are getting it and send me things like a new humming bird feeder or stuff like that. And I crochet them stuff. Blankets, scarves... I grew up with snow always there at that time and have only had snow on Christmas once since I left Michigan in 1987. Miss that part. Me and daughter have a BIG thing for us on Solstice. No use of power, just candles and fire and all that. Yeah. Pretty Crunchy style. Pat’s family is here in PDX and Christmas is always a big to do on Christmas Eve. Mostly fun and they are very low drama. I’m with you though on the liberating myself from most of the obligatory hoopla. Don’t send cards and all that. I get mushy and tell people I love them and miss them and spend time talking with them. So I like those aspects of it.  This will be the last one before daughter turns 18. Probably gonna need a big tree. Maybe I’ll make little masks for the ornaments, haha! 
Let me think about strategies for getting through them. I’m gonna need some too! Plus that is rainy rainy rainy season here and I don’t plan on not walking still. Gonna definitely need that. 
Maybe almost your bed time. You did good today. Sleep well.

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From: TinyBadger


The hoolidays are the worst. My husband and I only really celebrate our anniversary, only because that took some effort. Not that we are jerks, just that love is a verb. And you've gotta love each other. I enjoy Christmas because of the trees and lights, too. I opt out of the presents and all that jazz. It seems people only give to charity one time of year and that's very saddening to me. We give year round, but.i think my expectations are a little high of others. Anyhoo, I'm going to come up with the relaxation plan of the hoolidays for my family and it's going to be great. I don't know what it is yet, but it will be. Now all I have to do is hang my Christmas lights at night again. We have a neighbor who will come over and critique if he sees the ladder out so we do it at night. He does that with everything. Always wandering over to tell us how to do stuff when his house, yard, etc. Aren't that grand. Just because I'm not 80 doesn't mean I don't know how to remove a wagon wheel from a mailbox. So when we bought our house there were white painted wagon wheels everywhere. Every time we'd trim a tree or paint the deck we'd find a new one. The worth one of all was the one center to our mailbox. It took us a long time with a jackhammer to get that one out. The neighbors told us the people who lived here before were terrified that someone would steal it. No kidding there was 2 feet of cement on the whole wheel. We yanked it out with a pickup at the end. So we give the wheels to this lady at work for free and find out that even painted they are with at least 100 bucks a wheel. I was thrilled, let me tell you. Stupid wheels. How's john? Your aunt? Did you plant your babies? I'm still trying to get off the lozenges, but am struggling. 


From: Loreficent


Hi there

I just got home from work. Struggling with the suddenly noticeable difference in daylight the past week or so. Beautiful weather here and sunset was gorgeous on my drive towards it though. I have not planted my babies yet! It was really hot the first couple of days I brought them home and then this has been a busy weekend for work for me. I’ll get them in the next few days though. Gotta find some thick gloves to do it as they are sharp. John is good. Will head down to see him shortly here. He does have a notable lean. I went and saw the other one on Thursday and the blooms are full open and so pretty. So many bees and hummingbirds around it. I tried to get some pictures of the hummers but am not quick enough. I am gonna be really really sad when John comes down. Am really hoping to be able to touch base with the owner as I’d like to bring the stalk home if he doesn’t want it. Won’t last forever but would be nice to have his symbolism for through the Winter. Just feel like this one is gonna be tough. Have not felt the dread of it approaching ever like I do this year and can’t quite figure it out yet. Maybe the not smoking? Probably some of it...late November, December, and most of January are pretty dreary here and you don’t see much sun at all for that time. More than Seattle, but that’s not saying much for that time of year. So, yeah, would be nice to have John around to carry me through. He’s likely set some world record already though. I got a picture of him from almost a year ago I gotta find. I’ll put it up when I do.

So, I’m trying to picture a wagon wheel mailbox...? Sounds artsy in a way. That’s pretty cool that lady can get that much money for them! What do people do with them? Reminds me of when I lived in the South and driving across the Georgia countryside how folks would have these big old tractor tire planters. Then there are the bathtubs with Virgin Mary statues in them... funny stuff. I’ve seen an old toilet in a yard made into a planter too. But hey...I have a St Francis statue in my my back yard. I like him. He’s holding a bunny. 
Well, don’t worry about the lozenges too much. Other than hurting your mouth, which isn’t fun, they aren’t hurting you in the grand scheme. I know the feeling though of just wanting to be done with it all. Your just writing chapters with it. Soon the book will take a turn and have other plot twists. 
Yoir neighbor sounds like a hoot! Sounds like he misses feeling useful. And yes...Love is a verb. A mysterious verb. 

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From: TinyBadger


Gosh, those wagon wheels. Just decor, I guess. They were everywhere and it was very dated. Down the way a lady has a washing machine filled with flowers. Very montana. I keep teasing my husband that we should get an old microwave and use it as a planter. I guess to each his own. I have a couple of traditional looking gnomes but I have them in back because kids gnomenap a lot. One year a lot of people were missing their gnomes and they found them on top of the high school. You had to come identify yours. Luckily I did not lose a gnome that summer. Yes, my neighbor is a pain but we do try to be patient with him. You should talk to johns owner i bet they'll let you have a nip. You do love him so. He's brought you a lot of things and I'd hate to see you lose them. 


From: Loreficent



How are you?? So much has happened around the world since I’ve seen you here. 
Please let me know how you are doing!