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First 10 days review   General Chit-Chat

Started 5/6/20 by Musivore; 112774 views.

From: TinyBadger


I love that quote, too. I've been trying to make some changes in my life. Normally, I walk the dogs on a fairly flat landscape. Recently, however, I decided to challenge myself and my dogs to a more vigorous walk, up and down some very large hills. I'm not incredibly in shape, I admit. I sweat and pant and am utterly exhausted. I have noticed that I'm getting faster every day and when I come home and sit in my backyard listening to the leaves rustle, I feel a sense of peace. It's like I take a deep breath and take in the world as it is. I don't worry about the day or tomorrow, I just am. I feel like the world is so full of facts and news and quick moving information that we all forget to just sit. To ponder and observe. You, loreficent, in my opinion are an observer and a ponderer. I like that and I want you to know that while my writing is not on par with yours, I appreciate hearing your thoughts and hearing your ideas. This was long winded and rambling, but I just want you to know that I support you and am eagerly watching your progress. Nice work.


From: Loreficent


Oh, Tiny...

What you just wrote was very beautiful...and kind. 
Though that is a very sweet compliment, it isn’t about writing being on par with anyone else. Just writing what you just did...how you felt when you sit quietly in your yard. Didn’t that feel good to put that down?
Yes. I am a pondering person. But there isn’t any special or necessary value in that. It probably drives some people insane.  Since quitting smoking I seem to write more. Mostly just thoughts that come into my head and stuff I wonder about. Writing is a way of doing it out loud. It is a way to let out some passion I guess. Like I said...maybe it is just what smoking suppressed. Instead of going off and thinking things while smoking I write some of out. So, essentially, it is mostly natter. 
Thank you for the support. I appreciate it. Just trying to stay in the very present moment lately. Anything else right now is...too much. Been listening to music and walking. Reading a lot. Trying to navigate our new “normal” world and just kind of glide through it all as unscathed as possible, and with as little foot print as possible. 
So glad you are here and so happy to see your progress too. And your hubby! So good. To us and wearing out time, yes? 


From: TinyBadger


To us! I'm happy to wear out my time with you. I think that smoking suppressed some of my creativity. My photography has greatly improved. I kind of think that I'm more in the moment now. Like you, I love music and reading. I have been reading the Canterbury tales--i love classic literature. Suddenly I feel like I have much more time on my hands and am more motivated to keep myself busy. I'm more engaged with how I feel. This is such a weird thing to go through. It's empowering in a weird sort of way. I'm not really sure how to describe it other than I'm learning more about how I think about things, how I see things. I think I might be getting to know myself in a different sort of way. How can smoking change my perspectives and behaviors in such a way?


From: Loreficent


I have a lot of thoughts on that. The simple answer for me is that the nicotine level drops, the addict wants a fix, so the rest of our mind kind of tunes out and goes into seeking mode to satisfy the kicking screaming teenager?? So...as we start to tune that part out more when we quit, or whatever method we use to quiet it, we are more aware of the other parts of our minds that we largely ignored before because everyone knows it is pretty darn hard to ignore a kicking screaming teenager, right?!

Yeah...smoking suppresses lots of stuff. Not just nicotine cravings. 


From: Loreficent


Man...I just wrote this huge reply that I actually ended up apologizing at the end for the length of it and hit post and instead of posting it POOFED and is gone! Argh. What ever. I’m off to walk now as the sun sets, (Vampire!) so am not gonna try to recreate it. Will see if it is here tomorrow and if not, will see if I can remember what I wrote and try again. Who knows. Maybe it is somewhere else! stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

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From: Loreficent


Mmmm. All creatures are amazing to me. Seriously? There really hasn’t been one I’ve encountered that doesn’t fascinate me and set my mind off on some trajectory or another. Yup. Even those tremendous cock roaches that are in the South when I lived there, you know the 3 inch long ones that fly? Not that I’d want one on me, but they certainly don’t mortify me or gross me out. Not like some people do! Lol! 
Somewhere along the line, my daughter has developed this irrational fear of spiders. I’ve not told her, but I find it disheartening and sad. Hope she grows out of it. I usually just let them be if they are in the house but now I have to catch them and put the, out when she is here. 

So, yes...the SE coastal beaches, particularly the barrier islands, are pretty amazing. I used to camp a lot by myself. Went to a place once off the coast of Georgia called Cumberland Island. I missed the Ferry, but there was a guy with a boat that did private runs out for cheap so I did that. Oh man. Most memorable boat ride in my life. These Dolphins swam along side, frolicking and chattering. Those adorable perpetual smiles they seem to have. I knew then it was gonna be a memorable trip. There is some structure there, famous in it’s own way, but mostly the island is actually National Wildlife Refuge. The camp sites are 100% primitive, a long hike in, and very far apart. You have to walk a bit to get water and it is not what most people can get past their nose to drink. But...ahhh...the beach. Nothing like it. All refuge and protected sea turtle nesting site. To walk along there at night, along that white sand...knowing what is just out there in the water. That whole wondrous and thriving and near celestial part of the planet. My mind and heart could just wander for hours even now thinking about it and remembering those nights I spent there.... I’d give about anything to go back Right. Now. 
At night I got out of my tent and had my little head lamp on and there on the ground were thousands of these tiny tiny spots of iridescent green lights. Almost the color of fireflies, but so tiny. And all over the ground. Not hovering and floating. So I got down on all 4s to see if I could figure out what they were as they moved. You won’t believe this, but, they were the reflections of thousand of tiny spider’s eyes in my head lamp! Well, of course I ended up afraid to move because they were everywhere and then all I could think about was how my moving and stepping was inevitably going to...yes...squish some. I felt in that moment so very out of place and invasive. It hurt my heart. They were so precious, and who knows what role they have in that fragile ecosystem. 
Yeah. There is some amazing stuff to notice. 
I could see the Northern Lights where I grew up. Not as spectacular as they are from other places certainly, but still, with an otherworldly air and presence enough to make me know it isn’t all about us humans. Hmmm.

So...sorry so long. Will write about this Kombucha soon. Yes! The effervescence is unlike other drinks for sure! So glad you noticed that!!! That SCOBY is a living thing and that special process makes the bubbles different and exceptionally peculiar, yes? None of that CO2 cartridge BS in my drinks! It is just about being patient and letting the process roll. 
I did learn that cigarette smoke is BAD for SCOBYs. Yeah...how about that. Read about it today. Added it to my list of reasons to stay quit! blush

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From: euknight


Good Morning Lore..

Laughed about you accidentally nuking your post....just like I did on your PM the other day.  Lol.  Great minds.

Before I forget I must mention the tarantulas you mentioned in the desert when you were laying on the car hood watching stars in the desert!!  So wild you mentioned them because I have one living in a back flower bed.  He came out a few weeks ago so I have been trying not to disturb him.  This is only the 3rd one I have seen out here in like 24 years?  Anyway I figure they were here first.....

ok your SPIDER EYES story on the beach bordered on a syfy  film ( of which is another of my addictions btw). What a visual of speaks of day glo green eyes looking at you!!!  Whoa.  Do you think it was the light of the moon or the headlamp that caused that?  Did you look them up?  All looking up at you alone at the beach!!  Very Twilight Zone!  Wonder what those little eyes were saying other than don’t squish us?  Eerie.

I loved camping but never on the beach.  Can’t stand sand on me.  I’m the kind of person who races around and doesn’t even know when I’m bruised or cut but then can’t stand the feel of grainy sand.  Weird.

Ohhhhhhh you could see the Northern lights growing up???  Toooooooo amazing.  Sigh.  Ok the explanation about SCOBY makes sense. The fizz felt so different because it is ALIVE.  That’s almost kind of freaky........ but so true.

Had a very relaxing glide through soft water swim last night.  Totally in a zone at sunset.  Been recuperating from major wind storms for 3 nights. 40mph winds, enough rain to half fill up dry pond (dog swimming pool...(.they won’t play in their plastic one), picking up brush, cleaning pool, recovering from tooth breaking!!  Now I know where the pain was coming from last few weeks.  So been kind of crazy around here!!!

Happy 4 months my sweet girl....put you on the milestones.  Will PM soon

Have a blessed smoke free day!




From: Loreficent


Thank you Peggy!

Yeah...thin thread some days, but getting there. 
You broke a tooth? Bummer! Can you go to the Dentist there yet?

So...yes...those Eyes were kind of Sci-fi! That was back in like 2000. Wow. Where are these years going, yes? So now though if you look on Google, there are some articles about it, which is what made me think they are everywhere...? I think even some videos! Check it out. Just search “spider eyes night”. Or be brave and get a head lamp and go find that Tarantula! Lol! Maybe not. Those guys are big. Had Black Widows on the Rez. One lived in the corner in the basement where I did my laundry. That was a bit creepy. I was always very watchful and careful. Had some guy that got bit by one when I was in the Army in Georgia. He ended up fine but did get sick. We have Hobo Spiders here in this part of Oregon but that’s about it. Some people confuse them with Brown Recluse, but they are not. No poisonous snakes here either on this side of the Cascades. 

No beach camping?? I get it, sand is...gritty. But the trade off. Mmmm. I’ll camp anywhere. Love it. About time to put a tent up in my back yard soon. Portland can get pretty hot this time of year and very few people have AC. Or window screens either. Old houses. Mine was built in 1928. So it cools off nice outside at night, but the house is so hot inside at night, I just go outside and sleep. 
Been thinking about getting another bike. Had a nice one when I met my daughter’s dad. Still have all my leather and a good helmet. He was kind of freaked out about it, so after we were together about a year I sold it. Funny how some of the things that attract someone to someone end up being a bone of contention... We’ll see. So much more traffic now it might be too stressful. My partner now isn’t thrilled about it but also knows if I want to I will. He has never even owned a car, hates driving. Has his bicycle or walks everywhere. I worry about that too, so...He is just really happy I don’t smoke anymore so maybe that is a bargaining point for a motorcycle! Ha! 
 Glad the winds didn’t damage much. Do you have lots of trees? Not sure what part you’re in. Texas is a HUGE state. I lived in San Antonio for about 4 months but that is the only place I’ve been there. Fire Ants there! Ack! Not. Fun.

Thanks for the remembrance! One third to a year. Does feel good, and feels good to not smell it on me. Not sure why I smoked as never could stand to be indoors or in a car or smell it on me. But did it anyway. Huh. Makes no sense. 

Ok Lovely Lady!!!

Enjoy the night. Gonna finish some work stuff and go check on the Agave. Feel some music is in order tonight. I’ll send a pic of my Kombucha in a while. Very Alien looking that Scoby. Will keep me out of trouble to do this, for a while anyway. Am also making Jun which is basically Kombucha that is made with raw honey and green tea. Might need to get a bee hive....you got room for that!!! Do it!