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Slipped an smoked 2 cigarettes    Quit Support

Started May-28 by Fardaddy72; 226 views.

From: Fardaddy72


I was doing good I thought for ten days I didn’t smoke. A kid got killed in my neighborhood and the fact of that and the fact I I actually live in a neighborhood where something like this could happen my financial situation caused me to break down. I’m getting rid of the tobacco tomorrow an giving it another hopefully a better try . I don’t want to be disappointed in my self again. I was doing good an I could already tell I felt better an was breathing better. Any encouragement is greatly appreciated I need it .


From: Eve1973


Good morning Far,

I am sorry to hear about the child being killed. Anyone dying can be hard. But smoking does not help the situation. Actually what I have learned from this site is that it smoking heightens our anxiety. The junkie thinking causes us to “think” we are calming down, but it really doesn’t. 

On that note, hop back on the horse and throw the rest of the cancer sticks away, and use this forum! It’s a fantastic support system! People on here are from all over the world and we are going through the same addiction! Read this site and use as distraction when you would normally smoke. 

Also drinking ice water through a straw helps with cravings!

Come on Far.......BE A NON SMOKER!


From: Fardaddy72


Thanks I went for a job and I’m feeling extra motivated to get it done 

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From: Fardaddy72


Jog not job but Thanks 

Hi Fardaddy,

Good for you in jumping back into your quit.    Don't give up on yourself.  You can do this.  I do suggest doing the daily Nope pledge and keeping in touch daily with the forum..   Your quit buddy's are a valuable tool in helping you stay quit.

So sad children are so precious. Life isn't fair. Life stresses like this do make us stop and think about what's important to us. Smoking a cigarette just makes us take that pause in stressful times but it sure doesn't help our poor lungs, heart and body. Never smokers do not get it when we say we need a smoke when confronted with very difficult situations but all of us exsmokers and quitters do totally understand. Do lots of deep breathing to calm yourself and drink lots of water to flush out and hydrate your body and stay distracted by staying busy. Quitting can be conquered so just stick close to the forum and be proud to be a quitter. Life will always send us various stresses and we need to stay healthy and strong and smoking cigarettes just isn't worth it anymore as its not cool anymore anyways and we need to spend our hard earned money on more worthwhile things. No more poisoning ourselves! My deepest sympathy for your neighborhood as you all deal with the tragedy of that sweet young angel. Hang in there - everyone on the forum will be ready to support you on your journey to freedom. relaxed

"Quitting isn't for Sissies!" I quit poisoning myself Sept. 27, 2013