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Cold Turkey   General Chit-Chat

Started 7/29/20 by Anne2020; 1211 views.

From: alreadysick


I would say that my difficult days are now a periodic thing. The time between cravings is getting longer. Yes, I do still miss smoking. I quit because I got really scared, not because I wanted to. I think that makes a big difference in how one looks at their quit. I was scared, and still am, because I got a lung CT scan that showed that I had mild emphysema and some lung nodules. I recently had another scan and all but one of the lung nodules have resolved. The emphysema has not worsened, so it was definitely worth it to quit, but I think I will have a hard time not thinking about smoking for some time.


From: Molly010


I quit cold turkey 2 years ago today.  I had tried to quit using other aids and always went back to smoking.  After reading Allen Carr's book, I realized the aids were keeping me addicted to nicotine.  The aids seemed to make my anxiety and my cravings worse.   Probably because I was so addicted to the nicotine and I kept putting it back in my body.  

That said, I was really ready to be done with cigarettes.  I did have some pretty bad cravings the first two weeks, but I just knew I wasn't going to buy cigs.  If you were forced to quit like alreadysick was, then I think the experience would have been different.  There is something to being "ready" to quit.  Going cold turkey was the best thing for me.  I also did not want to have to wean myself off of any quit aids.  I just wanted to be done.

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From: DanJF3


I quit January 1, 2020 so 7 months in.  At the start I would have never thought I would make it 7 months based on past failures.  I actually read Allen Carr's book a couple days after I quit and that was a major aid in helping change my mind set about smoking and critical to helping me stay quit.  The withdrawal symptoms were a bit uncomfortable as they were every other time I tried to quit but once you get past that 4th day or so, it's pretty much just mental at that point.  I can't deny that I enjoyed smoking although the stress of what it was doing to me these past few years did push me to attempt to quit.  The occasional crave still pops up from time to time but they are not super strong and I am hopeful they really do go away at some point but if not it's just a matter of taking things one day at a time.


From: Anne2020


I also quite January 1, 2020 - congrats on your 7 months. 

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From: Anne2020


Has anyone experienced the coughing up of tar after quitting?  I understand it can be quit gruesome after years of smoking.


From: June2019


hey, Anne-

I saw your q on phlegm in another thread - here's my deal: I quit VAPING cold turkey 6/13/19 - i vaguely recall coughing up phlegm around the 2-4 week mark, but honestly, staying quick absorbed more of my focus than the 'side effects' if you will. I vaped for 7 years (I think????) with the thought that vaping would 'help me quit' - i won't comment on the legitimacy of that assumption here :)

anyhoot - i took the coughing up phlegm stage as proof i was quitting/cleansing my system, so it didn't phase me much----'cause at 2-4 weeks (and up to 8 months honestly) it was a a mental effort just to stay quit.

wishing you the best-


From: Anne2020


I get like that a bit too from time to time.  Romanticizing the smoking - thinking how I much I thought I like it.  But when you get around other people who do smoke and the smell is just so harsh - and chokes you out to almost gagging - it kills the romance pretty darn quick.  

I have to admit to getting allot more out of a bag of chips or an orange sherbet these days than smoking cigarettes.  I don't even crave the things anymore at all and its only been almost 8 months.   Soon I hope to start breathing better so I can start long walks and lose some of this weight I put on.    I am glad I am cough up the phlegm.  I guess I will be stuck with that for awhile.  

Stay strong fellow quitters.  It is so worth it to replace the smoke with air. 


From: xvaper


Thank you for your encouragement of others. I am 56 days in. I still have romanticizing thought, but the cravings are less and less.

I think my big hurdle will the mental one, getting over the perceived social 'benefits' of smoking. The camaraderie of the smokers who step outside to smoke and have the more interesting conversations, the 'coolness' of it , that is so engrained in my brain from growing up in the 80's, when the cultural messaging about cigarettes was so different than today. I quit cold turkey after years of smoking and vaping. I hope to be in your place 8 months from now!


From: Anne2020


Just checking into see how you are doing.  I am good - 8 months and 2 weeks.  Still coughing up allot of phlem and constantly short of breath.   Otherwise, doing good.