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Weaning off Chantix    Health Support and Encouragement

Started 7/29/20 by Eve1973; 5612 views.
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From: Eve1973


So just to update this thread.......I started doing every 2 days I would take the Chantix, but then I 

Got Covid........

so needless to say I had absolutely no desire to smoke, so I just stopped the Chantix. It’s been almost 2weeks without it, so I am clear and free from NRTs. 

End of my story for weaning off Chantix.....oh and my Covid story, still a lil under weather, but feeling better everyday! 

Cheers to all who quit, you just don’t know how happy I am to have quit and be successful before I got Covid. 

I hope everyone in their journey to freedom learns ONE THING....... doesn’t matter how you succeed, using NRTs or cold turkey.....it’s JUST SUCCEEDING!!!

  • Edited April 13, 2021 11:27 am  by  Eve1973