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Forest of Shadows

Level 98

The Huntress hunts evil shadows invading this world and she’s looking for someone.  If you help her, she hopes to call you a friend.  Like you, the Huntress is able to travel freely between this world and the Dark Side.  Many shadows, creatures and sorcerers seeking solitude found the Dark Side a safe place to live and they’re outraged when shadows invade the world of the living.  Lilith the Huntress confesses the one she’s looking for is none other than Shadow, the Lord of Darkness’s sidekick.  It appears once upon a time, Lilith and Shadow were more than just friends; until he got into trouble.  She also wants to be clear about her allegiances...she’s against the Lord of Darkness.

The old adage is true, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” and Lilith will help in the fight against the Lord of Darkness.  But Shadow isn’t her only motivation in the fight against the Lord of Darkness.  Sealing the portal to hold back the shadow beasts and saving this world is of greater importance.

She calls herself a “Shadow Elf”, and shadow elves have been moving between worlds without portals since ancient times.  It’s a skill that can’t be taught.  Lilith is aware the enraged Lord of Darkness cursed everyone in Midnight Castle.  A curse older than the ancient dragons that turns everyone into shadows and Lilith has no idea how to stop it. 

In the scrolls of her ancestors, Lilith found a legend about the Shadow Tamer.  It was created by the shadow elves long ago, but all details are lost to the streams of time.  Lilith believes in the artifact and its power, but finding all its parts will be difficult. 

Suddenly, Lilith the Huntress feels Shadow somewhere in the town between the worlds of the living and dead.  She wants you to find Shadow and tell him about her.

Lilith the Huntress is very pleased Shadow remembers her and chose the right side in this conflict.  While you were gone, Lilith got information that a Shadow Tamer part resides in the sacred domain of the shadow elves.  It was thought the road to it was long forgotten, but Lilith found she can enter the domain by walking the shadowy path.  It’s dangerous, but difficult times require difficult solutions.  She asks you to wait patiently and trust her. 

It wasn’t easy, and Lilith doesn’t want to relive the horrors she saw, but she found the Ancient Pipes.  All hope now resides with you.

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Hut on Legs

Level 100

Dice foretold your visit to Morisa the Forest Witch, but she says you must gain her trust before she will talk.  Once that’s done, Morisa says she’s from the world of the living, but it was too noisy and hectic, so she moved to the Dark Side.  It’s much quieter there, the ideal place to do magic.

Morisa is aware of the Lord of Darkness’s curse and she’s seen the future, but telling you would keep it from happening.  She also knows what’s hidden in the shadows; where would the last part of the Shadow Tamer be if not the shadow world?  Before proceeding with her story, Morisa must see what the cards say and check the position of the stars.

She has a cousin, Baba Yaga, who can help get the artifact part, but she won’t do it for free.  Helping Morisa with a couple of favors has her commenting that you’re “as fast as a magic broom.”  Morisa is amazed by your abilities and thinks you’d make an excellent apprentice.

The Lord of Darkness is neither friend nor foe, so Morisa isn’t worried about him.  He has no use for her and she wouldn’t help him anyway.

Wonderful news from Morisa’s cousin; she found the missing piece and will visit soon.  You missed all the fun when Morisa’s cousin visited.  Baba Yaga brought raspberry tea and she and Morisa enjoyed a pleasant visit with hearty conversation.  They told stories and laughed all night.  It was so much fun, Morisa isn’t sure she’s ready to get back to work just yet.