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how to maintain it and strengthen men's health after 40 years?

Started 5/15/20 by afikl; 203 views.
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From: Mandarinich


For men it is very important to exercise correctly. Hormone levels are directly related to male activity.  You must have noticed men in the street with big bellies and swollen legs. Those men who lead an active lifestyle and eat correctly are less likely to have health problems. Training should be different and on different muscle groups. Muscles have memory and if you do the same exercise there will be no effect.  Many men engaged in the hall pay little attention to their feet. But the legs carry body weight. Killer Calf Exercises will be effective.  You can read more on BetterMe  
Remember that a healthy lifestyle stimulates our body to a balanced production of hormones

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From: Frederic1k


I don't understand why all haven't mentioned the nutrition here... it's very important to eat properly without fast food and other bad things as well. I recommend you to google some information about the various vegetables, fruits and check too.