Nail Art

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Do you enjoy nail art? Photos, videos and tips on creating beautiful (and off-beat) nail art. Think of them as 10 blank canvases!

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Nail Art

My Nails Today:

(Emma's 1st attempt at Konad nail stamping. 
I think it's pretty darned good!)

Welcome to Nail Art!

Enjoy the photos, please visit the blogs where they came from and support those that create all the great nail art you see.

We're enthusiasts, admirers, and just generally interested people - none of us are professionals, or experts, or pretend to know more than we do. We're learning, and you can learn - and enjoy - this fun little hobby with us.

You could keep on coming back for the photos, but you'd find those on Pinterest or Polyvore, or one of the many nail blogs out there. Or, you could sign up for an account with Delphi (it's completely free) and start chatting with us. 

Oh... and if you're into nail art too, you could show us what you've done!

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Nails are just little canvases, right?

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