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Neurosurgery-Quora from the Neurosurgery Research Listserv. Moderator: G Narenthiran FEBNS FRCS(SN)

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Welcome to the Neurosurgery-Quora


Welcome to the 'Neurosurgery-Quora'. The motto of the Neurosurgery Research Listserv is, 'Learning Together, Solving for All' with the goal of 'Where neurosurgery knowledge flows freely'. These in mind the neurosurgery Research Listserv is proud to bring you the 'Neurosurgery-Quora'!

What is it for?
This is a Q & A forum for neurosurgery and related fields e.g. 'Could someone explain to me the principle of Leksell stereotactic frame?', 'Can someone explain to me the basis of calculating haematoma volume?', 'What do you think about such and such paper?', etc.
What is it not for?
This is not a forum for posting cases. For this you could join the 'Neurosurgery Research Listserv'
Who is it for?
Anyone in neurosurgery, medical or nursing communities.

Please be:
Thoughtful. Colorful. Spirited. Engaged.


Please don't be:
Mean. Argumentative. Abusive. Profane.


Or more eloquently stated by William Shakespeare:

The Bard

Conversation should be pleasant without scurrility, witty without affectation, free without indecency, learned without conceitedness, novel without falsehood




Hope you would find Neurosurgery-Quora a useful facility and a welcome resource! 


Let us learn together!


G 'Naren' Narenthiran MB ChB FEBNS FRCS(SN)
Curator, the 'Neurosurgery-Quora'