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Garmin 595LM to Mac Connection Misery   Technical Q&A and Gadgets

Started Aug-3 by Flaco1967; 56 views.

From: Flaco1967


Greetings --  This is my first post on your great site.  Your support on GPS topics is totally impressive.  I wondered if you can help me with my six months new Garmin 595 LM.   I am very stressed out as I cannot connect it to my MacBook Pro 2020 and I am planning on doing the Idaho BDR soon (if I can get the GPX files to work).      The Mac is using OS 11.5.1 (Big Sur) and has four Thunderbolt 3 ports using the new USB 3.0 connectors. 

I went the route of Garmin support.  They couldn't help, and sent me a refurbished 595 to try.  It also did not work, so am sending it back.  Have tried all kinds of connectors, but still not an original Garmin wire.  All using a USB A to USB 3 adaptor, straight into the computer.   Yes, they are data wires, not just charging.  Yes, I have a newly installed Garmin express app on the computer.  Yes, I have tried other Macs, and it doesn't connect.   I have a Microchip with additional memory, which I plug in and take out.  Makes no difference.   I am buying wires that go from Micro USB to USB 3.0 with no adaptor, to see if that works, but it should not make that much difference, should it ?

When plugged in the Garmin 595 recognizes that it is trying to connect to a computer, and the yellow image with the wire connecting a little gps to a big computer box comes on the GPS screen.  It holds there for about a minute, then fades away, and the GPS goes into its normal independent boot mode, and ends up the with the normal Where To and Map screen on the front.  No sign of the GPS drives on the computer screen. 

Anyway, you must have heard this story before, and I just wondered if you could give me some guidance before I break something...    Many thanks.


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From: Flaco1967


Hello again --   just wanted to get back to the group and say that after further talks with the Garmin Support group in Kansas  (they can be really helpful if you get the right person), we concluded it must be the connector cable. 

Sure enough, got a new cable and it worked...    am now connected. 

Thanks anyway, for being there.  Now I'm going to get into your Basecamp tutorials which look great.