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Started by oldstonejim; 524799 views.

Jean Michael Bayle...forgot the sponsor, but probably was Galiouse (sic) since both were French.

His first GP was one of the last races of 91 where he got lapped and it was considered a joke, but he was competitive a year later.


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From: oldstonejim


Racer is right, but sponser is wrong, I'll give it a little longer...also what class, and what manufactor?


JMB's first full season was 1993 on the Aprilia 250 with Chesterfield sponsor.  What I'm still looking for is he had a one off ride the last race of the season to try his hand at it.  I got it on tape, can't find it on the web  yet.


From: oldstonejim


Yup, I was looking for the chesterfield and Aprilla, What was the last race of 92, I will check my tapes as well. 

Wasnt he friends with Erv K, Maybe it was on the rothmans honda.

How bout the "rocket" you must know that one?


Give me a bit, I need to find it.  I think he did it on a customer Aprilia since Honda didn't like the idea of him doing it while he was still under contract with them.


From: oldstonejim


The Rocket was Ron Haslam.  He got the nickname because back in the early to mid 80's they use to bump start the start of the 500's No one was faster then Ron, He shot out like a rocket from 3-4 rows back.

He also rode the Elf Honda, that was a bike with a single sided swing arm in the back ( very common now ) and a single side swing arm in the front ( no forks ) very cool for the time.

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From: oldstonejim


We'll stay in 500 gp's

this guy won his first race entered in the 500 as well as the pole and set the lap record.

Name him, and the year and track.


I forgot about Rocket Ron, his son Leon did quite well in WSB rookie season.  Yup always liked him, he said what was on his mind.

The last year the Elf team ran that front end set up they had brake problems and it kept locking up at speed and spitting him off, so the following season (the last for the Elf team) they ran a conventional set up to try to leave the sport on a high note.


I don't pay attention to stats like that.......I'm more into the bikes.  If it's a rider of intrest, I may remember that feat.


From: oldstonejim


Tim, that was Max Biaggi, back in 94  I think, pretty sure it was suzuka.