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Started by oldstonejim; 520773 views.


I forgot about Rocket Ron, his son Leon did quite well in WSB rookie season.  Yup always liked him, he said what was on his mind.

The last year the Elf team ran that front end set up they had brake problems and it kept locking up at speed and spitting him off, so the following season (the last for the Elf team) they ran a conventional set up to try to leave the sport on a high note.


I don't pay attention to stats like that.......I'm more into the bikes.  If it's a rider of intrest, I may remember that feat.


From: oldstonejim


Tim, that was Max Biaggi, back in 94  I think, pretty sure it was suzuka.



Max didn't race a 500 until the '98 season.

Who won only one race on a 500 and was hated for it...what year, track, Team, and the reason he was hated?

Is he still racing, if so....where?


From: oldstonejim


I'll trust you on the date, Tim But it was suzuka and Max


Now I can only name a few 1 winner in 500's,  Chili, Magge,crafar,sarron but I cant remember why one of those would have been hated. Im sure theres more back in the day.

I hope its not the peoples champion " chili "

I'll guess Magge, cause I believe he won on the Lucky strike suzuki, but its just a guess.


A newbie on the Honda back then...was Darryl Beattie who won a pole on his first try, but you also can't forget the first race in '94 at Suzuka Noriuki Abe when he blew everyone away only to crash near the end in turn 1.  Yamaha signed him in less than a month.


Yup it's PFC.  It was '89 on the HB Honda at Spa.  They had the riders boycott due to safety concerns not met made worse by the weather.  PFC didn't want to race but the HB team forced him to make up points.

Also he's suppose to be back in 05 on a Kawi in WSB (his Ducati team is suppose to go to Kawi, not confirmed yet)....all at the ripe age of 41.

Always liked him...he's a passion rider.


From: oldstonejim



Tim, thats a good story, I forgot all about that, but now after you brought it up I remember it happening, but I would have never remembered who won. Your good.

Click on the link , can you name the riders?  Should be easy


#21 Pascal Picotte

#19 Freddie Spencer

Year 1995  The last race (Daytona) Ferracci ran the 851/888 model.

Name all the American riders who won WSB titles, what years and what model bike.

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From: oldstonejim


Well there certainly enough of them over the years, Ill give it a try but i might screw up some dates and rides

88-89 Flying fred on purple rc30 ( love that bike)

91-92 My man Doug Polen on a duck 851 or maybe 888?

Then foggy for a few years with corser mixed in there somewhere ( I got a corser helmet love it )

97 or 98 Bad boy John K on a honda???

Now I know Edwards ( texas tornado ) won 2 ( I think ) both on a honda I'll guess 00-02