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Started by oldstonejim; 523838 views.

From: oldstonejim


Well there certainly enough of them over the years, Ill give it a try but i might screw up some dates and rides

88-89 Flying fred on purple rc30 ( love that bike)

91-92 My man Doug Polen on a duck 851 or maybe 888?

Then foggy for a few years with corser mixed in there somewhere ( I got a corser helmet love it )

97 or 98 Bad boy John K on a honda???

Now I know Edwards ( texas tornado ) won 2 ( I think ) both on a honda I'll guess 00-02




Any chance I could convince you to use larger type, Jim. These old eyes are having a tough time reading small green print! <G>

From: oldstonejim


LOL Keith,

Hey your the one that told me how to do all this extra stuff,


Your real close and started out strong, but forgot a few.

88 & 89 Fred Merkel, Honda RC30 (I had a chance to buy a leftover in 93)

91 & 92 Doug polen, 851/888/955 Ducati

93 Scott Ru$$ell, Kawasaki ZX-7R (I owned a 93 ZX-7, which I also crashed)

97 John Kocinski, Honda RC45 (used to have a Kocinski rep helmet)

00 & 02 Colin Edwards, Honda RC51


From: oldstonejim


Oh, I forgot Russell, damit, I never liked him anyways, Mr Daytona, He had a brief ride on Lucky strike, didnt he?

My wife wears a John K helmet, Im starting to collect replica helmets, these are the ones on my list that Im looking for, maybe you can help

Kevin Schwartz one with star on back, yeah I know everyone wants one

Adamo Red,White,Green

And the rarest, a Bieffie ( sp?) Max Biaggi only made one year it was chrome.Really cool looking.

My wife and I are retiring our Corser and John K helmets this winter, she wants the sun/moon rossi, and I havent decided what I want, maybe a Duhamel shoei




- Hey your the one that told me how to do all this extra stuff,  -

May I introduce you to the BOLD button (B), Sir? <G>


Yea Russell quit Muzzy mid 95 to go to lucky strike (the broken foot incident) and had a full year in 96 before getting sacked....unlike you, I liked his style.

Hey, I got a Biaggi rep, but it's his 97 AGV chartreuse (sic) scheme.

OK, what New England bike dealer made it to the international bike racing scene through the TransAtlantic series?


From: oldstonejim


 Tim, can you snap a photo of that helmet and post it,or if you know of a link with a photo of it.

I have no idea about the new england dealer, before you put me to shame with the answer, can you give me a hint, like the racer.



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