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Started by oldstonejim; 531070 views.

Marquez tried to push Rossi wide--it worked.

Rossi surveyed the grass/gravel in front of him and decided it had decent traction.

So he kept it pinned and stayed in the lead.

Marquez rides through Rossi's gravel dust. Note 'Ohhh Fuuuuuggghh' body language as he watches Rossi take the win.

Rossi's was a very popular win with his fan club, which is essentially all fans at Assen.

Where was the standing on his bike, the over the top antics like those performed by Lorenzo when he snatched victory? Rossi's celebratuons were sedate by comparison. 'People in their right minds never take pride in their talents.

Alan (Tbirder)

From: Alan (Tbirder)


That was such an unbelievable move! So unexpected and amazing that he pulled it off.



I agr
ee, but it was similar to the Hayden/Edwards clash in '06.  Good race all around.

Hayden/Edwards video



Alan (Tbirder)

From: Alan (Tbirder)


That was amazing too. I'd never seen that clip before. Wow.